At 5:23pm on 23rd December 2013, Brenda José crossed over in Ruttonjee Hospital, Hong Kong.
That whole night I was the only one who could smell her and sense her presence.

Two hours later, without thinking I bought a Mark Six computer generated ticket.
Three days later on Boxing day, I discovered the second set or line had Brenda’s two soul numbers: 7 and 11. Her birthday was 7th April, and all the numbers of her birth-date and year add and reduce to 11 (a master number). There were no numbers before 7, and no numbers between 7 and 11. The odds of that happening are over 1 million.

This was Brenda’s first of many irrefutable Angelic signs to me and the world.

During the 12 months after Brenda crossed over, I deciphered Angel Brenda’s Code of Angelic Whisperings as her Angel Whisperer. I wrote an eBook about “Afterlife Signs from my Twin Soul Brenda, click link below.

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Written: Whisperer Robren
Robren is the combined presence of Twin Souls Whisperer Robert and Angel Brenda.

Published: 23rd December 2021, on the 8th Brenda José Memorial

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Angelic Blessings on the 8th Brenda José Memorial