Angel Whisperer Robren Readings with Angel Brenda:

– open to all religions, sects, faith, and races.

– Angel Whisperer Robren uses mainly The 6th Psychic Sense, Clairsentience (Sensing) and The 7th Psychic Sense, Claircognizance (Knowing).

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Organizer of Robren Readings: Robren Center

Robren Center is a non-religious spiritual place where dreams come true. We provide a safe haven to create an enlightened world, through angel whisperer readings, metaphysics secrets, masterclasses, meditation, liberation from all karmic debts and reprogramming of lifetime conditioning.

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Options for Angel Whisperer Robren Readings:
[1] Reading on The 9 Life Areas:

1. Self 2. Family 3. Relationships 4. Health 5. Wealth 6. Career 7. Hobbies 8. Social (associations, charity) 9. Purpose.

[2] Communicate and get messages and Afterlife Signs from departed loved ones (identify if the person has crossed over within 49 days).

[3] Relief from Sicknesses.

[4] Identifying your Top 3 Karmic Debts.

[5] Recovery of Bad Debts and Loans.

[6] Divorce settlements and mediation.

[7] Return your loved one who are in Cult and Cult Mediation.

PROVEN TO WORK: 150% Money-Back 90 Day GUARANTEE

We even give you an EXTRA 50% for wasting your time, if you did not benefit, after using the guidance for 90 days.

“Robin Hood” Pricing + Donation:
We are big advocators for the Rich to help, subsidize and support the Poor.

We use “Robin Hood” pricing that price higher for clients who can afford in order to support those who can’t afford, including clients from poorer developing countries and deserving poor students.

Special Covid-19 Support rate for 60 minute Reading:
US$100 / HK$800 / RM300 / SG$135

(60% discounted from the Standard rate: US$250 / HK$2,000 / RM800 / SG$340)

Student Subsidy for 45 minute reading (show proof): US$50 / HK$400 / RM150 / SG$65

Business Advisory Expert and Angel Guidance Retainer: Inquiry for details.

For those who can’t afford a reading during Covid-19, they can barter their skills or do volunteer work.

The Main Use of Donations & Subsidies from Readings:

[1] For those who can’t afford the standard reading fee.

[2] Funding CSR initiatives e.g. lunch box giveaways to the Homeless, Orphanages.

[3] Maintenance of Robren Center, a safe haven to create an enlightened world.

[4] Donation of USED equipment such as laptops, ipads, iphones  to needy students.

Free Qualifying Consultation – 3 to 15 minutes

Clients need to go through a free qualifying consultation which normally takes 3 to 15 minutes.

If clients are skeptical, it is a healthy check and balance, it is much better than blind faith.

But if a client is overly judgmental, closed, or cynical, our Angels will not be able to help much, and therefore, the client will not be approved. The client may be advised to return later when he or she is ready.

Note: More than 50% are not approved in the first round.

Make the decision and action to make a free consultation now. 10 years from now, you will thank yourself and your Guardian Angels for this PIVOTAL LIFE-CHANGING DECISION!

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Written by: Whisperer Robren
Published on: 2nd December 2021.

Robren Readings: Out of this world guidance from Angels. By Robren Center, creating an enlightened world.