Malaysian voters, especially the Malaysian Youths, are getting wiser and they no longer buy the BS of old school politicians who have been using the Race & Religion Cards since 1957.

More and more Malaysians are waking up to the reality that what Malaysian Politicians SAY and what they
actually DO are two opposite things.

Just like GE14, Malaysians again have the PEOPLE POWER to vote in GE15 for MPs who have integrity, and reject and repulse MPs who are corrupted, who are known backdoor frogs, who betray the mandate of the Rakyat (e.g. the traitors of The Sheraton Move), the Malaysian Citizens, regardless of race and religion

This time in GE15, Malaysian voters will make the traitors pay by not voting them, and stand up for real change. Spread this message #MalaysiansForChange

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Written by: Whisperer Robren
Published on: 22nd November 2021.

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