[1]  Come from an objective place, be calm, tone down your comments, and make professional statements.

Don’t attack BKs with rhetoric, super harsh criticism, or personal attacks.

[2] Don’t go alone to fight BKs as an Anti-BK agent. You are outnumbered as there are over 1 million BK daily students and trolls.
Instead use this Brahma Kumaris Forum FB group as a dialogue/ forum platform as there are BKs in this group as well.
Debate and discuss for better understanding.

[3] You are most welcome to quote Whisperer Robren articles and videos as Expert References as the world’s second Chinese BK leader. You can use Robren’s pointers as Expert References, in active objective debates with BKs in forums, etc.

Suggestion: You can be active in posting quotes, excerpts and links to Robren’s articles and videos in the COMMENT section of BK pages, and BK-related groups.

[4] Maintain good relationships with BK Seniors, BK Regional and Country Directors, and Centre-In-Charges.
That way your requests may be heard.
Offer compromised solutions, rather than just complaining only.

As usual there are comments from strong Anti-BKs and trolls who attack Robren’s articles and cult expert advice. It’s very simple if your nasty attacks on BKs have created more hatred than solving issues, we suggest to try reverse psychology, and be polite, professional, and offer solutions for once.

Research has shown that attacks will result in the cult getting stronger and more united to protect their faith. Instead of destroying bridges, form as many bridges with Senior BKs, and they will be more open to listen to you. Robren did exactly the above, he easily build relationships with key BK leaders in Malaysia and Australia (e.g. Brother Charlie Hogg), now they are open to some of his suggestions.

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“You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” A Proverb worth following!
It is more effective to be polite and flattering than to be hostile or demanding.

[5] You can engage a Professional Cult Mediation Expert to help you return the BK back to the family or spouse.
The Robren Show can recommend you proven BK Cult Mediation Experts who are key members of the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA)

[6] If the issues are not resolved such as marriage failure, isolation, then only make a police report or talk to the local media.

[7] If you have a great BK story to share, especially you have written articles on BKs, and you can present well in English, you can  apply to be a Guest in The Robren Show.

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Written by: Whisperer Robren
BK Robert was the World’s Second Chinese Brahma Kumaris Leader, and the Co-founder of BK Malaysia in 1981. He was a BK from 1979 to 1989. Today he is called Whisperer Robren. He is a keen observer of Brahma Kumaris since 1979, a Cult Expert, Researcher and Investigative Journalist. He maintains a healthy and amicable relationship with BK Seniors including his ex-sister-in-law BK Maureen Chen, as a Bridge Mediator between BKs and their families.

Published on: 17th November 2021.
Updated on: 19th November 2021.

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