1.0 The 3 Reasons why Shiva Baba’s 5,000 year cycle is impossible.

1.1 If you look up the night sky, 99.9% you see is more than 5,000 light years in the past.
For example our Moon is 1.3 Light Seconds away in the past.
The Sun is 8 light minutes in the past.

1.2 The history and the age of Earth is 4.543 billion years.

1.3 The oldest civilization was Mesopotamia, around 10,000 BC.

1.4 The “Ancient Deity Race” or “Adi Sanatan Devi Devta Dharma” and the Indus Valley Civization was not the earliest civilization, as claimed by Shiva Baba.

1.5 1600-1050 B.C.: Shang Dynasty – The earliest ruling dynasty of China to be established in recorded history, the Shang was headed by a tribal chief named Tan. The Shang era is marked by intellectual advances in astronomy and math.

NOTE: During the period when Tom & Robert were the Co-Founders of BK Malaysia in 1981, many Chinese joined BKs. Tom and Robert helped sustain Chinese BKs around the world especially in Singapore. After they left BKs, BKs had much difficulty in enrolling the local Chinese in Asian and Western countries. There were many theories debated by both BKs and Non-BKs. Probably a deeper meaning is the Chinese have much less Karmic connection with Indians, and the Chinese and Indian rivalry lasted over 4,000 years. More practically, there are no strong Chinese BK leaders due to institutional racism.

1.6 BKs can’t explain how the supposed single original Deity Race became instantly into The 5 Races of Humans, at the start of Copper Age (circa 464 BC). Evolution takes millions of years:

  • Negroid (Black) race.
  • Australoid (Australian Aborigine and Papuan) race.
  • Capoid (Bushmen/Hottentots) race.
  • Mongoloid (Oriental/Amerindian) race.
  • Caucasoid (White) race.

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The 5,000 year World Cycle and the 5 Ages

2. There is no proof that the 5 Ages exist, that Earth went from the perfect Golden Age to the imperfect Iron Age.

2.1 There is no proof that Golden Age, Sat Yuga or Heaven on Earth, in ancient Bharat India, ever existed.

2.2 There is no evidence of any trace of Golden Age technology (e.g. ruins of vimans, flying machines, palace ruins).

2.3 According to Stephen Hawking “One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn’t exist.. Without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist.”

2.4 In fact, from Industrial Revolution 1.0 to Industrial Revolution 4.0, human beings have made bigger and better progress. The fact is Earth has greatly improved technologically, rather than deteriorated as predicted by Shiva Baba. However, technology must be sustainable.
The First Industrial Revolution began in the 18th century through the use of steam power and mechanization of production. 

Short history of manufacturing: from Industry 1.0 to Industry 4.0 - KFactory

2.5 There is no proof Heaven on Earth existed in ancient Bharat India, that India was the most perfect place on earth.

2.6 There is no proof that that Earth and human beings gradually deteriorated from Copper Age to Iron Age. In fact, human beings advanced in technology and all sciences in the last 500 years.

3.0 3 Reasons why History cannot repeat identically.

3.1 It is impossible for mother nature such as a hurricane to be repeated identically.

3.2 How did the Apollo 11 flag on the Moon disappear and appear again every 5,000 years.

3.3 The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs 66 million years ago cannot be repeated as it happened outside the 5,000 year world cycle.

Asteroid Dust Found in Crater Closes Case of Dinosaur Extinction - UT News
The Chicxulub Crater proof that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs.

4.0 There is no Doomsday, no the end of the world.

4.1 Why are there no traces of the end of the world destruction after the end of Iron Age or Kali Yuga.

4.2 “All doomsday predictions claimed by many religions and cults have never happened, as we are still here.” ~ Robren

4.3 What super massive destruction can cause all human souls to die and return to the Soul World at the end of Iron Age.

4.4 Iron Age suppose to end when the last chariot of Bapdada (the Twinsouls of Shiva Baba and Brahma Baba), Dadi Gulzar died on 11 March 2021.
But there were no end of the world destruction as predicted by Shiva Baba.

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The Three Worlds according to Shiva Baba.

5.0 There is no proof that the Twinsouls Bapdada have returned for good to the Soul World, or Bapdada’s role of taking all human souls back to the Soul World, to be reincarnated number-wise according to the purity of the soul.

5.1 According to Angel Brenda, there are The 8 Dimensions of The Multiverse.

The 8 Dimensions of The Multiverse

6.0 Which imperfect Iron-Age parents are pure enough to give birth the first perfect Golden Age human called Krishna, a reincarnated Brahma Baba aka Adi Devi or Adam?

6.1 According to Shiva Baba, Krishna is born at the very start of the perfect Golden Age (when the Iron Age ended), but no one including BKs know where Krishna is born.

Pin by Priyanka papori Hazarika on Brahma | Brahma kumaris, Brahma kumaris  meditation, Meditation images
Brahma Baba born as the first perfect human deity in Golden Age called Krishna or Adi Dev (Adam)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is e1.3-ladder-84-births-bk.jpg
The 84 births from Golden Age to Iron Age for the original 900,000 (9 lakhs see poster above) reincarnated BKs at the start of Golden Age.

7.0 There is no proof of the 84 births from Golden Age to Iron Age.

7.1 There is no proof that the average life span of Iron Age humans is 29.8 years (1250 years per age divided by 42 births = 29.8 years).
In fact, through medicine and technology, the life span of humans have increased since Industrial Revolution 1.0.
The average human life span today is 72.8 years.

How Many Galaxies Are There? | Space
The Hubble Deep Field, an extremely long exposure of a relatively empty part of the sky, provided evidence that there are about 125 billion (1.25×1011) galaxies in the observable universe.

8.0 There is no proof that only human beings and living beings only exist on Earth, and none in the Universe.

8.1 Most religions don’t believe in the existence of alien lifeforms.

8.2 Most religions believe that only Earth has living beings, and that the Earth is the center of the Universe.

8.3 According to Angel Brenda, there are Aliens and UFOs in The 5th Dimension of The Multiverse:

8.4 The world’s 4 biggest religions have no scientific knowledge of the discovery that Earth is not the centre of the world:
Galileo Galilei, the “father of observational astronomy”, and the “father of modern physics”. His championing of Copernican heliocentrism (Earth rotating daily and revolving around the sun) was met with opposition from within the Catholic Church and from some astronomers. The matter was investigated by the Roman Inquisition in 1615, which concluded that heliocentrism was foolish, absurd, and heretical since it contradicted the Bible.


Written by: Whisperer Robren
Whisperer Robren was the World’s Second Chinese Brahma Kumaris Leader, and the Co-founder of BK Malaysia in 1981. He was a BK from 1979to 1989. He is a keen observer of Brahma Kumaris since 1979, Researcher and Investigative Journalist. He maintains a healthy and amicable relationship with BK Seniors as a Bridge Mediator between BKs and their families.

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Published: 15th November 2021.
Updated on: 11 February 2022.


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