Robren did not name this article “The 12 Rights and The 8 Wrongs about Brahma Kumaris”. Why?

Because what is right and what is wrong is a human belief.
Because one man’s belief is another’s falsehood.
Because one man’s religious practice and habits is another’s non-practice.
One man’s religious diet and food is another’s poison.
One man’s religious laws is another man’s prison.
One man’s religious punishment only applies to willing and unwilling (e.g. those born to a religion) followers, and is not applicable in secular courts.

The 12 Facts about Brahma Kumaris:

1. Putting women in leadership roles in the Brahma Kumaris organization is an excellent best practice.

2. Soul Consciousness is good thing but it is impossible to practice, as long as we have a human body.
2.1 Similarly some religions even try to impose followers not to even think with The 9 Deadly Vices.
For example in the Bible in Matthew 5:28-29: But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.
If we will be thrown into hell for having viceful thoughts, all of us will certainly end up in hell.
Therefore, rather than being so stressed to have only pure good thoughts, it is more productive to naturally transform your negative viceful thougthts into positive thoughts. For example, try to transform in your mind your lustful thoughts into passionate thoughts that will inspire your progress.

The 4 Relationship Archetypes by Robren:

2.2 Robren experience many Senior BK Leaders do not practice soul consciousness, but in reality some especially BK leaders from India practice institutional racism, and prefer to install Indians in senior positions.

For example, when Tom and Robert co-founded Brahma Kumaris Malaysia in May 1981, they attracted many Chinese regular students, while servicing all races. After both Tom and Robert left Malaysia for good, many BKs gave Robert insider feedback that the two most senior leaders Sister Meera (from India) and Brother Letchu (a local Tamil Malaysia) favored Indians.

There was a case that a senior Chinese BK leader researched and gave 25 property suggestions for a new retreat centre but were rejected by the two senior BK leaders. They choose an Indian BK’s suggestion for a place in Bangi which is a least desirable area for a retreat place as the most natural retreat places are with either in a hill or by the beach or an island. There was alleged evidence of a cover-up of corruption and construction overcharging by the Indian who sold the Bangi idea. This happened around the 25th Anniversary of BK Malaysia in 2006. The Chinese BK leader has since left BK feeling disillusioned.

2.3 You can be 100% sure that a Non-Indian will never be in the Joint Administrative Heads of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.

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Tom (left) and Robert featured in the front 2 pages of The Brahma Kumaris 25th Anniversary Book Cover

You can read about this issue in “The Brahma Kumaris Memoirs” (link:

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An English poster in a Brahma Kumaris Centre.

3. Brahmacharya or celibacy is an admirable practice by Brahma Kumaris and many religious sectors.
But marriage failure is the biggest downfall of Brahma Kumaris. Many spouse and family members of BK have shared their sad stories of countless marriage break-ups as the BK teachings and “Maryadas” (strict principles) by their god Shiva Baba require couples to behave like ‘brother and sister‘, rather than being husband and wife.

For example Robert’s eldest brother Tom and Sister Maureen Chen were split when Tom and Robert established BK Malaysia in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur while Maureen establish the English-speaking BK centre in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tom and Maureen were the World’s Second “Double Foreigner” Couple (double foreigner means foreign to India and originating from outside Earth.

4. Vegetarianism is widely practiced by Brahma Kumaris, and around the world, not just by trendy fashion models who protest naked in public. However, BK vegetarianism is way stricter, for example strong or “pakar” BKs do not eat food cooked by non-BKs, restaurant food, including their mothers as they are “not pure” and may still be practicing sex.

5. BKs wake up daily for 4am “Amrit Vela” meditation.
Because of this and being at BK centres in the evenings and weekends, BKs tend to have no social life outside the BK activities, and they need to sleep very early.

6. Regular BKs attend daily Murli morning classes at the BK Raja Yoga Centres around 6:00am.
Some students may even join the 4am meditation in the BK centre.
Cult Experts view this as Brahma Kumaris main brainwashing tool to indoctrinate BK teachings and strict Maryadas.

7. Keep good company by BKs.
As the saying goes the company you keep colors your life.
Cult Experts view this as one of the top three most typical cult characteristic that is of isolating cult members from their physical families and friends. (read about 18 Cult Characteristics Checklist and Weird Cult Beliefs)

8. Doing godly service at BK Centres.
BK Centre-In-Charges will push the envelope to involve as much time of their BK followers to do godly service in form of giving the free 7 day course, “Karma Yoga” chores such as cooking and cleaning in the BK centres, proselytizing through free public talks, retreats. As a result the families hardly see their BK parents or children who are BKs.

9. Finances, BK tithes or donations.
9.1 At least one tenth of annual produce or earnings, formerly taken for the support of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and its seniors.

9.2 BKs are totally discouraged to contribute to other charities, only for BK causes.

9.3 The amount of money, assets and property given to BKs are staggering. That is why BKs can afford to built some of the biggest assembly halls in India, and in some cities in the world.

9.4 Borrowing from other BKs are strictly prohibited.

Madhuban, the Brahma Kumaris Headquarters

10. The end of Bapdada’s teachings and Avyakt Murlies (daily classes after the death of Brahma Baba on 18th January 1969.
Now only recordings of past Sakar Murlies and Avyakt Murlies are repeated.
There will be no new knowledge or “Gyan” from Bapdada.

11. Going on annual pilgrimage to Madhuban, the Brahma Kumaris Headquarters in Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, India.
BKs no longer can meet Bapdada since the death of Bapdada’s last chariot Dadi Gulzar.

12. Bapdada is a twin soul.

12.1 Most Religious Founders are Twin Souls.
From whisperings with Angel Brenda, most religions are founded by Twinsouls.
The first example is the Soul of Christ entered the body of Jesus and established Christianity. The Jesus Christ Twinsouls will reincarnate as senior leaders to sustain their religion for the last 2,000 years.

The second example is the Twinsouls of Gautama Buddha. The soul of Buddha (The Enlightened One) entered the body of Prince Siddhartha Gautama when he claimed he was ‘enlightened’.

The third example is the Twinsoul of ‘Angel Gabriel’ appeared to Muhammad.

The fourth and more recent example is when The Twinsoul Angel Moroni visited Joseph Smith on numerous occasions, beginning on September 21, 1823.

12.2 Robren now realized that his joining Brahma Kumaris did not just happen by random chance. From his whisperings with Angel Brenda, he was given visions that as Twinsouls, the souls of Brenda and Robert were deeply involved at the time of the founding of some religions.

For example, Robren can totally relate to the soul of Doubting Thomas, one of the 12 Apostles of Christ. The soul connection with Catholicism and Christianity is strong and deep even in this current lifetime for both Brenda and Robert.

The main purpose of the involvement of Robert with the Brahma Kumaris was to observe and study the inner workings of a Twinsouls in establishing a new religion. Therefore, Robert became the World’s Second Brahma Kumaris in order to be in the upper echelons of BK foreign service.

A very vital purpose of Twinsouls Robren was to provide a check and balance of Twinsouls’ religions and their leaders. That’s why Robren witnessed the death of the last chariot of Twinsouls Bapdada on 11th March 2021.

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Written by: Whisperer Robren
BK Robert was the World’s Second Chinese Brahma Kumaris Leader, and the Co-founder of BK Malaysia in 1981. He was a BK from 1979 to 1989. Today he is called Whisperer Robren. He is a keen observer of Brahma Kumaris since 1979, a Cult Expert, Researcher and Investigative Journalist. He maintains a healthy and amicable relationship with BK Seniors including his ex-sister-in-law BK Maureen Chen, as a Bridge Mediator between BKs and their families.

Published: 14th November 2021.
Updated: 11 February 2022.

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