The Robren Code: The secret code of angels, symbols, love, health, wealth, wisdom and peace

The Robren Code (TRC) will open up timeless ancient secrets, celestial dimensions, and future worlds that you never dreamed existed. You can access wisdom of the ages from Ascended Masters such as Lao Tzu, Christ, Buddha, Plato, Da Vinci, Tagore, Voltaire, Wayne Dyer, and receive guidance in the 9 Life Areas of self, family, relationships, health, wealth, career, hobbies, social (associations, charity) and purpose, and attract spiritual solutions to every problem you have – all are welcomed and accepted regardless of faith, race, age or income.

Robren's Angel Story

Robren’s Angel Story

Robren’s Angel Story began on 23rd December 2013, in the last 25 minutes of his late wife Brenda José’s life at her ICU death bed in Hong Kong, dying from multiple organ failure due to a perforated intestines caused by Crohn’s Disease, which she suffered for 20 years. He made a Soul Promise and surrendered himself to the God-Universe and to be Brenda’s Angel Whisperer. He passed his first toughest test of watching his TwinSoul ‘die’ (actually the soul never dies) orcross over to the other side. Two hours after she crossed over, she send her first irrefutable and impossible Afterlife Sign, a Mark Six lottery with 2 of her Soul Numbers (7 & 11) in the first 2 numbers out 6 computer-generated numbers.

The very next day his life totally transformed. He immediately passed his second test of recognizing her late wife as “Angel Brenda” (an angel is different from a ghost), and began writing and channelling prolifically her #Whisperings.As the Angel Whisperer, it took him one whole year to decipher the fundamentals of The Robren Angel Code, to connect the countless mysterious dots of Angelic Signs and Afterlife Signs, and to understand, interpret, and communicate truthfully The Whisperings and Angelic Messages to the world. Everything is connected. Nothing happens by chance. Even about you reading this.

“Robren” isthe combined presence of Whisperer Robert and Angel Brenda.

Robren Cheated Death 5 Times

Robren Cheated Death 5 Times

He cheated death 5 times because he believes that Angels have protected and guided him throughout his life. Twice in a Fiat 124S sports car in Australia (brakes failure and drowsy driving), once in a nasty bicycle accident and losing his two front teeth, once on an island, and once in Covid-19.

EXTRA BONUS MODULE:  How to Make Your Angel Wishes Come True!

SIDENOTE: From being Freaked Out to Being Ready

In the first 3 months of being an Angel Whisperer, Robren was told to put an Angel Prayer Request Facebook Ad. Within hours and 3 days, there were over 1,000 Angel Prayer Requests. That was when Robren freaked out and closed the ad and requests. Robren told Angel Brenda that he was not ready. So after 8 years, Robren is finally READY to teach people how to connect with their Guardian Angels and how to make their Angel Wishes COME TRUE!

Are You Ready to Accept Your Guardian Angels?

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EXTRA BONUS MODULE: How to Make Your Angel Wishes Come True!

Imagine if… Robren shares with you The Angel CODE revealed to him by his TwinSoul Guardian Angel Brenda, that will make your Secret Angel Wishes come true.

What if… you know WHY your Angel Wishes did NOT work properly.
And you are wondering why after you did everything that the Masters, the Church, Temple Priests told you to do, yet your prayers were not answered, and you gave up after many tries.

And you are wondering why after you did everything that the Masters, the Church, Temple Priests told you to do, yet your prayers were not answered, and you gave up after many tries.

Make the decision and action to register now. 10 years from now, you will thank yourself and your Guardian Angels for this PIVOTAL LIFE-CHANGING DECISION!

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Why people rely on Robren's expertise (Profile:

Why people rely on Robren’s expertise (Profile:

At the age of 7 he started his odyssey or life journey from learning profound truths in youth training camps to being “The Father of Asian Firewalking”, and “CEO, Celebrity & Angel Whisperer” to Fortune 500 corporations and top brands such as Coca-Cola China, Hong Kong Airport Services, Nestle, TVB, Jardines, Swire, Petronas, Berjaya and Public Bank. He spent over $300,000 on marketing and learning from the best authors and the key pioneers in human potential movement like Alexander Everett, Money & You, Landmark, Asiaworks, and Life Spring. He is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner Master and a US-Certified FranklinCovey Trainer for “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. He worked as a Copywriter for top ad agencies such as Leo Burnett Hong Kong and Wunderman Thompson.

After training over 250,000 students as an international keynote speaker, writer, and Youtuber, he culminated his 40 years research into The Angel Code, and the most significant life-changing programming since NLP called “The Law Of Repulsion”. While the most famous religious founders, philosophers, and spiritual teachers did not have any business or scientific experience, but Robren is truly unique as he has vast corporate, scientific, psychological and spiritual expertise, and he worked and lived both in The East and The West. Both tough, sceptical, corporate CEOs and deeply religious individuals can easily relate to his practical advice and wisdom.

We are also looking to CERTIFY Teachers & Promoters for The Robren Code: The secret code to everything (including the secret code of Angels, metaphysics, symbolism, numbers, health, wealth, wisdom, and peace).
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Written by: Whisperer Robren
Published: 12th November 2021.
Updated: 4th June 2022

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