The Crazy “Timah Whiskey” Issue has gone Viral in Singapore!

Since the interior of the island was not fully explored at that time, the location and name of the hill for the map probably came from the Malay community. Bukit Timah, which literally means Tin Hill, was already identified on the 1828 map by Frankin and Jackson as Bukit Timah. The hill in question was depicted on the map towards the northwest as two hills at the eastern source of the Kranji River.

Despite its name, Bukit Timah has nothing to do with tin. The original Malay name for the hill was Bukit Temak, meaning “hill of the temak trees”, a tree that grew abundantly on the slopes of the hill. However, to the western ear, Temak in Malay enunciation sounded like Timah, hence the name Bukit Timah. For some, it was synonymous with the Singapore Turf Club, where members and paying visitors flock on race days.

The Malaysian fanatics believe that Bukit Timah close association with the sinful, non-halal Singapore Turf Club does not honor Fatimah. Fatimah al-Zahra (فَاطِمَة ٱلزَّهْرَاء Fāṭimah al-Zahrāʾ), was born to the Islamic prophet Muhammad and Khadijah. According to Sunni Muslims, Fatimah was the youngest of their daughters, whereas Shia Muslims maintain that Fatimah was the only biological child of the couple who lived to adulthood.

They insist Singapore change the name to “Bukit Raffles” so that the Malays are not confused by the name. Vivian Balakrishnan, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Singapore, remarked in his Facebook account that those Fanatics “go fly a Kelantan kite!”

A Satire by: Whisperer Robren

The Robren Show: Exposing the Stupidity of Fanatics!

Don’t change your Brand Name! STOP giving in to Religious Fanatics!

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Published: 30th October 2021.
Updated: 31st October 2021.