My Mum’s speedy recovery from a minor eye surgery, to thin both her lower eye lids tighter, to prevent the eye lashes from growing inwards due to old age and eye lid muscle weakening. The 2-hour operation, was even longer and more complicated than her Cataract operation years ago!

CAUTION: An earlier, quick ‘remedy’ by a GP to cut some of the eye lashes made it worse, as shorter eye lashes are more rigid and poke the eyes more!

The truth is I was apprehensive as my Mum is 91 years old. Over 20 years ago I sponsored a RM5,000 Cataract eye surgery for my late Dad, but the eye specialist did a botched job, leaving my Dad with a dead eye for the rest of his life.

From what I know the specialist realized something was wrong and advised to extend surgery on the same day but my Dad & Mum decided to wait for 4-5 days before resuming. An unfortunate combination of not applying medicine, delayed part 2 surgery, and the cataract being too ‘ripe’ or too old, resulted in a dead right eye. The specialist was fearful we could have sued him.

Gratitude to Dr Hah Yun Khean, Proview Eye Specialist Centre; Visiting Doctor: Hospital Fatimah and KMC Medical Centre. “Weis Procedure: RM2,000 for both eyes (at least half price from other eye specialists at private hospitals). The waiting room is had 4-5 people waiting before and after their surgeries, while we waited. The operating room was big, with 5-6 assistants in the clinic. The eye specialist centre is a double shop-lot, close to Tesco Extra, Ipoh Garden South.

NOTE: In the photo, her eyes looks really sad, bad, and swollen but it is actually not so bad. She can see, do tasks, and there is no need for eye bandage.

#RobrenReview (a series from The Robren Show):
Weis Procedure by Dr Hah of Proview: 9.5 | 10. Highly recommended.

My Mum’s Successful Recovery from Weis Procedure Eye Surgery by Dr Hah Yun Khean.