You smiled, you must be one of us!

The Purple People believe that a like, a helping hand, a rescue, a donation, a gift, a heart sign, a wave, a hug, or a smile can change the world around us.

A Purple Youth CSR Initiative: Youth changing the earth!
Through 7 ways: 1. Entrepreneurship  2. Arts  3. Learning  4. Charity  5. Eco  6. Psychology  7. Sports

Sponsor: Robren eWorld


Imagine… the whole Earth bathed in light, in Yin Yang warm and cool purple hue.
Imagine all the people you meet – positive and smiling.
Imagine what this positive purple energy can do for inspiration, for feeling better about yourself, your life, your job, your family, your planet Earth.

Since the pandemic impacted Earth, we pondered a great deal about this, because we see pockets of positivity and change among the doom and gloom of the global lockdown.

WHAT IF… we play a little game… people just smiled, and say “Hi, How can I help you?” and really mean what they say.

It is possible.
One person has already proven that. The Purple Person.

So to help her along, The Purple Youth have created The Purple People initiative.
Well, imagine strangers receiving this card in the streets, or friends receiving this online.

How about you? Would like to have real fun out of life? Do something spontaneous today! Feel great about yourself? Connect with other Purple People. It’s simple and easy! Join us:

And from this moment on, every time you see someone smile, you make them a free member too. There are many of us now. And there are going to be countless more!

Have a happy, great day! And a great tomorrow! Be a Purple People. Smile at someone. And if they smile back… you’ll know they are one of us!

Published on: 21 October 2021.

You smiled, you must be one of us!
MEET Purple People! Spread positivity!


The Mona Lisa’s smile is probably the world’s most famous enigmatic smile. Mona Lisa is a Purple People, she is one of us!

The Italians have a word to explain Mona Lisa’s smile: sfumato. It means blurry, ambiguous and up to the imagination. … Mona Lisa’s smile comes and goes, she says, because of how the human visual system is designed, not because the expression is ambiguous.