Since the death of Dadi Gulzar and the end of Bapdada’s roles at the end of the BKs’ version of Confluence Age (Sangum Yuga) on 11th March 2021, Robren has been communicating with some Senior BK Heads about the most serious crisis BKs are facing, with Robren’s 5 Recommendations for BKs.

Robren has been a long-term Brahma Kumaris Observer since leaving BKs in 1989, after 10 years of service (1979 to 1989). Previously known as BK Robert, he was the world’s second BK Chinese leader-teacher. Together with his eldest brother Tom, they co-founded Brahma Kumaris Malaysia on May 1981. 2021 is BK Malaysia’s 40th Anniversary.

Tom (left) & Robert, the World’s first & second BK Leader-Teacher (on the 25th Anniversary of BK Malaysia, in 2006).

As a Cult Expert in Crime eWatch with connections with the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA), Robren has shifted from being a strong critic of BKs from 2017 for 3 years, to being a Mediation Bridge between BKs and their families.

Although the articles and videos were truthful and insightful, Robren realized that his tone was too harsh and rhetorical. This created mix results, and were counter-productive. In a series of epiphanies during
Covid-19, Robren made bold conviction to be a Bridge instead of being ‘at war’ with BKs.

When he did a #MeToo exposé of BKs in 2017, there were countless daily hate trolls but even more thousands of fan support. Then when he made a public apology to BKs, and shifted to being a bridge, trolls from both sides accused Robren for being ‘bought by BKs’ or ‘Robren has returned as a BK’. Both comments were not true!

To set the record straight, Robren wrote The Brahma Kumaris Memoirs within 2 weeks, in the middle of the time of Dadi Gulzar’s death and funeral. Robren made peace with Bapdada, the god of BKs on the day before Bapdada’s Chariot Dadi Gulzar’s death. He felt he did a completion process with the BKs.

Robren’s Vision to create a world where dreams come true through the Robren eWorld platform.

With Robren Game Changers, his Mission is to help people change their game daily.

Robren’s values and principles are showcased in The Robren Show, which provides daily recharging and inspirational multimedia.

In alignment with Robren’s Vision, Mission, and Values, the Robren Show will build a ‘Rainbow Bridge’ to unite BKs and their families.

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Written by: Whisperer Robren
Published on: 14th October 2021.