Password Protected Articles are usually of these nature:
[1] Only for the multi-tier Movsha MasterMind Members to access Robren’s Inspirational Media, especially Robren eTalks.

[2] Adult (verified above 18 years of age) material, or erotic short stories (like Shakespeare’s Sonnets, click

[3] Past articles which although are true but they are no longer updated or relevant to Robren’s ideals. Or the tone or criticism was too harsh (for example past articles on Brahma Kumaris)

[4] Articles that are deemed too graphic or too sensitive that may create disturbances.

[5] Many articles in this website maybe password protected, and are linked to Robren Group’s social media pages and “PRIVATE-Setting” Youtube videos:

Written by: Robren
Published: 3rd October 2021.

What are Password Protected articles in this website