The Robren Show is doing an exclusive online interview with Nicholas Gomez, regarding his recent LinkedIn story about being jobless and becoming a humble Proton Salesman after being a high powered
General Manager, Business Development at Naza Corp. He applied to a ridiculous over 1,800 companies! He went door-to-door in the biggest shopping malls, and office blocks, to ask for work. This is a man who can handle MASSIVE REJECTION – which is one of the Key Principles of Success and The Law of Repulsion. And got only 5 interviews. Nick advises “never look back in anger…”

His viral article gathered 623 reactions, 63 comments, and over 20,000 views within a week. I felt that he had a great heart-felt story to share. Too many Malaysians are too ashamed to admit openly their predicament in probably their worst crisis in their lives.

Today I discussed with Nick about what stories to cover before the show.

Our chat went on for 2½ hours, longer than an average full feature blockbuster film.
I guess Nick’s life is darn interesting haha.

It’s great to catch up with him since coaching the Senior Naza team, and conducting the train-the-10 trainers to train 400 Naza staff for ChangeU’s franchised “Diamond Leadership” program (circa 2011), organized by Mr. Ranjit Singh, the then HR Manager.

So, let us know IF there is a DEMAND for a LIVE Interview i.e. with an online audience like yourself, rather than a recording. If it is live it would probably be in the evening or in the weekend, let us know your preference in the comments.

Confessions of an Auto Man – Nicholas Gomez” Covid-19 Recovery Episode, promises to be ‘juicy’, like a ‘video memoirs’.

It will cover quite a few key topics such PR, CorpCom, Content Writing, Product Planning, Network Dealership, After Sales, Safety, PowerGen, Anger Management, and it will even tackle the elephant in the room rampant issue about sneaky Car Technician Thefts and a modern way to deal with it. Anyone from a green UGrad to an Auto Veteran will find it insightful.

#StayInspired Covid-19 Recovery Episode by The Robren Show.

Details out soon, or you can check details at
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Written by: Robren
Published on: 29th September 2021.
Updated: 1st October 2021.

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Confessions of a Car Man – Nicholas Gomez. How I applied to 1,300+ firms, be a Proton Car Salesman, after being a GM at Naza. #StayInspired