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The Robren Show
Slogan: Daily recharging & inspirational media

How to forever change your life and your organization?
By simply spending 10 minutes at the start of the day on The Robren Show’s inspirational media.

• The Robren Show covers 3 “HOW TO” Key Result Areas:
1. Business Transformation
2. Self Change
3. Metaphysics Secrets

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The Robren Show opens The Door to the Robren’s 3 Game Changers:
Slogan: Daily recharging and inspirational media
Landing Page:

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1) The 9 New Norms
Slogan: Creating breakthroughs in Leadership Transformation and Covid-19 Recovery.
Business Transformation)
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2) The Law Of Repulsion
Slogan: The most significant life-changing programming since NLP.
(KRA: Self Change)
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3) The Robren Code
Slogan: The secret code of metaphysics, symbols, numbers, angels, love, health, wealth, wisdom and peace.
(KRA: Metaphysics Secrets)
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WANTED SHOW GUEST: If you are an Author, Speaker, Talk Show Host, CEO, Celebrity, or you have a great Angelic Message story to share on The Robren Show as a Guest, or If you want to invite Robren as a Guest on your Talk Show/ Channel, pm here or email: TeamA


The most popular and requested subject categories in The Robren Show are:

[ ] How to build productive, engaging teams while Teleworking (WFH)
[ ] The 9 New Norms KRAs are: 1. Teleworking   2. HR & Talent   3. Change   4. Entrepreneurship   5. Leadership   6. Service & Sales   7. Gender & Youth   8. Creativity & Marketing   9. Digital Transformation 
[ ] The 9 Life Areas are: 1. self 2. family 3. relationships 4. health 5. wealth 6. career 7. hobbies 8. social (associations, charity) 9. Purpose

[ ] How to Meditate and be Stress Free while living a busy, successful corporate life.

[ ] How to build The 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem.

[ ] How to master The 9 Deadly Vices that enslave you.
[ ] How to attract your Soulmate or Twin Flame.

[ ] How to be overcome your Dark Side and Master your Top 3 Negative Life Lessons.
[ ] How to make your Angel Wishes come true.

[ ] How avert a massive personal Bad Karma with a Lesser Karma.

[ ] How to recognize and repulse Dajis, the 9-Tailed Fox Seducers that ruin your life.

[ ] How to connect with your Guardian Angels.

[ ] How to attract good people, mentors and partners, and to repulse bad people.

[ ] Ghost Encounters Of The 7 Kinds.
[ ] Angel Encounters Of The 7 Kinds
[ ] Close Encounters Of The 7 Kinds
[ ] The 10 Dimensions Of The Multiverse
[ ] The 3 Untold Stories of MH370, MH17



Whisperer Robren’s Life Story & Biodata:

Whisperer Robren’s Life Story began at the age of 7 when he started his odyssey or life journey from learning profound truths in youth training camps to being “The Father of Asian Firewalking”, and “CEO-Celebrity Whisperer” to Fortune 500 corporations and top brands such as Coca-Cola China, Hong Kong Airport Services, Nestle, Samsung, Oracle, TVB, Jardines, Swire, Petronas, Berjaya and Public Bank.

He spent over $100 million on creating marketing and A&P budgets while working as a Copywriter for top ad agencies such as Leo Burnett Hong Kong and Wunderman Thompson. He invested massively in self-help and learning from the best authors and the pioneers in human potential movement like Alexander Everett, Money & You, Landmark, Asiaworks, certified as an NLP Master Practitioner and a US-Certified FranklinCovey Trainer for 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
From various international surveys, he discovered the number one reason why so many people were not successful in using The Law of Attraction – “You can’t attract success if you have not mastered your life lessons and life debts.” In March 2021, Robren used The Law Of Repulsion Programming to settle a US$2 million high court suit without using a lawyer or paying a single cent.
He cheated death 5 times because he believes that obeying the universal laws of metaphysics, spirituality and integrity have protected and guided him throughout his life.

After training over
250,000 students as an international keynote speaker, he culminated his 40 years research into Robrens’ 3 Game Changers.

If you are open to attract new powerful solutions to every problem, sign up today for the most enlightening Free 1 hour virtual workshops such as “How to produce brilliant ideas with The 4 Creative Thinking Hats”, “How to build The 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem”, and “How to overcome your Dark Side”.

10 years from now, you will realize that using Robren’s 3 Game Changers was the single most important decision you have ever made.

Written by: Robren
Published: 25th September 2021.