Since 2020, over 2 million Malaysians have been infected with Covid-19, and thus far, more than 23,000 of our family, friends, colleagues and countrymen were taken away from us, far too soon, due to the deadly pandemic.

In memory of our fallen loved ones, a team of non-profit volunteers endeavours to erect an online memorial forever dedicated to the souls who perished during this global calamity.

Officially going live on 16 September 2021, the Covid-19 Memorial Malaysia website or honours those who lost their battle with coronavirus in Malaysia.

The memorial is publicly available and is made up of information collected from news sources, public records, social media channels as well as submissions sent in by those who lost someone to Covid-19.

The site is created and supported by a team of activists, artists, researchers, software developers and even journalists like Malaysiakini’s Aidila Razak – donating their time and expertise to break ground on the project. takes inspiration from the Tugu Negara national monument which stands in Kuala Lumpur today – dedicated to the 11,000 people who died during World War I, II and the Malayan Emergency.

The project signifies that those who were lost to the Covid-19 pandemic are more than just numbers on statistics.

Those who have fallen are brothers, sisters, mothers and daughters, sons and fathers, aunts, grandfathers, friends – dearly beloved individuals. This is to remember them, their names, their faces, their lives.

I’d like to send a submission

If you would like to have a loved one remembered on the memorial, submissions can be sent via email at

Any published submission can also be edited or removed depending on requests.

Those who would like to make a financial contribution to the memorial may do so by emailing them with the subject: “I want to contribute”.

For more information, head on over to or follow them on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

Akmal Hakim’s article “Have Your Loved Ones Remembered On Malaysia’s Online Covid Memorial” was published in on 1st September 2021.

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Published: 19th September 2021.
Updated: 25th September 2021.


Covid-19 Memorial Malaysia: Honoring our loved ones online for FREE, for the over 22,000 Covid-19 Deaths. #Covid19MemorialMalaysia