Datin Josephine Lena Wong (born January 1, 1952) is a Malaysian model as well as beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Malaysia Universe 1970. She represents her country at the 19th Miss Universe in the Miami, USA where she was placed as one of the Top 15 semi-finalists.

They say that Ipoh ladies are reputed the most beautiful ladies in Malaysia, just as Suzhou ladies are famous for having the most beautiful women in China.

At the Miss Universe show she spoke in fluent English that she was one of only 3 Car Sales Rep in Malaysia, that she knew enough about cars to swindle her customers!

From the age of 10, Wong started to participate in various pageants as a teenager. She also attended college and worked at three beauty companies before settling at Japanese beauty company, Kanebo. In 1975, Wong married former deputy director-general of the Health Department Datuk Dr. C.G.A. Fonseka. She became a Catholic after marriage.

She was a primary school teacher at St. Michael’s Institution, Ipoh. She was ‘the talk of the town’ in school. Male teachers were rumored to spend more time at the Teachers’ Room when she was there. Student reps would quietly check her out by pretending to look for their teachers. But she was not ‘lan see’ or cocky, and kept a professional distance. She still is a classic classy lady and keeps a dignified poise. She has no scandal or skeleton in the closet.

renatodoxaguia: Datin Josephine Fonseka (Josephine Lena Wong), Miss  Malaysia Universe 1970. Now and Then. Great Photos from the new straits  times newspaper.

They have four daughters, including Malaysian model, Andrea Fonseka. In 2004, Wong’s youngest daughter, Andrea followed her footsteps and also won Miss Universe Malaysia 2004, 34 years after her.

Andrea Fonseka, Miss Malaysia, participates in the 2004 Miss Universe  National Costume Sh… | Miss universe national costume, Miss universe 2004,  Formal dresses long
Andrea Fonseka

Josephine came to represent Malaysia in international competitions, Miss Universe 1970 in the United States, where she has successfully reached the Top 15 Semi-finals, which is the one and only Malaysia’s best achievement until today. Josephine was also named in the list of ‘Best In Swimsuit’ alongside 9 other international participants. She was also the winner of Expo Queen ’70 which was held in Japan during the pageant-week of Miss Universe 1970 pageant.

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