Wishing all Malaysians a Happy Malaysia Day. We pray for your speedy Covid-19 Recovery, with the new government’s National Recovery Plan (NRP) initiatives.

The Robren Group is committed to support and service Malaysians and the people and organizations in 42 Countries worldwide by providing Robren’s 3 GAME CHANGERS – that will forever change your life and your organization.

By spending 10 minutes daily on The Robren Show‘s inspirational, life-changing, and proven videos and podcasts.

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Robren’s 3 Game Changers will open up secrets keys to success, challenge you to build on your dreams that you never dreamed was possible, set your goals for the 9 Life Areas of self, family, relationships, health, wealth, career, hobbies, social (associations, charity) and purpose, and attract powerful solutions to every problem you have.

The 9 New Norms Story began in the 2003 SARS Epidemic Crisis, when Hong Kong was the world’s SARS epicenter, ChangeU was at the Forefront to help Asian organizations bounce back from SARS. But with the Covid-19 Pandemic Global Lockdown and 4.3 Million deaths. With “the deepest global recession since the Second World War” according to The World Bank, once again ChangeU is at the Forefront to implement The 9 New Norms to Covid-19 Recovery and Digital Transformation.

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1) “The 9 New Norms”

Slogan: Creating breakthroughs and changing your infinite game

(3 KRAs: ◊ Covid-19 Recovery ◊ Leadership ◊ Digital Transformation)

Website Link: https://www.changeu.co/the-9-new-norms.html


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2) “The Law Of Repulsion”

Slogan: The most significant life-changing programming since NLP.

(3 KRAs: ◊ Personal Effectiveness ◊ Self-Help ◊ 9 Life Areas Goal-setting)

Website Link: https://www.changeu.co/the-law-of-replusion.html


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3) “The Robren Code”

Slogan: The secret code of symbols, the multiverse, angels, love, health, wealth, wisdom and peace.

(3 KRAs: ◊ Metaphysics ◊ Enlightenment ◊ Peace)

Website Link: https://www.changeu.co/the-robren-code.html



Written by: Robren
Published: 16th September 2021.


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Create Quantum Leaps with Robren’s 3 Game Changers that will forever change your life and your organization. Simply by spending 10 minutes daily on The Robren Show inspirational videos and podcasts.

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