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Image from Phoenix Forgotten of the Phoenix Lights
Image from Phoenix Forgotten of the Phoenix Lights

Nearly half of Americans believe in aliens, and almost as many believe aliens are visiting earth, according to a new survey. However, less than 20% believe in alien abduction, and a bit less than that claim to have seen a UFO.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment commissioned the survey as part of their promotional campaign for the blu-ray release of the movie Phoenix Forgotten. More than 1700 Americans were surveyed.

Although many in the group believe aliens have visited Earth, less believe aliens are actually abducting people. 18% of the group said they believed in alien abduction.

As for UFOs, only 16.74% claimed to have seen one. However, 27% said the knew someone who had.

In ufology, a close encounter is an event in which a person witnesses an unidentified flying object. This terminology and the system of classification behind it were first suggested in astronomer and UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek’s 1972 book The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry. Categories beyond Hynek’s original three have been added by others but have not gained universal acceptance, mainly because they lack the scientific rigor that Hynek aimed to bring to ufology.

Sightings more than 500 feet (150 m) from the witness are classified as “Daylight Discs,” “Nocturnal Lights,” or “Radar/Visual Reports.”. Sightings within about 500 feet (150 m) are subclassified as various types of “close encounters.” Hynek and others argued that a claimed close encounter must occur within about 500 feet (150 m) to greatly reduce or eliminate the possibility of misidentifying conventional aircraft or other known phenomena.[4]

Hynek’s scale became well known after being referenced in a 1977 film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which is named after the third level of the scale. Promotional posters for the film featured the three levels of the scale, and Hynek himself makes a cameo appearance near the end of the film.

Hynek devised a sixfold classification for UFO sightings: They are arranged according to increasing proximity:

1) Nocturnal Lights

● Lights in the night sky

2) Daylight Discs

● UFOs seen in the daytime, generally having discoidal or oval shapes.

3) Radar-Visual

● UFO reports that have radar confirmation – these supposedly try to offer harder evidence that the objects are real, although radar propagation can be occasionally discredited due to atmospheric propagation anomalies.

4) Close Encounters of the First Kind: Sighting of a UFO

● Visual sightings of an unidentified flying object, seemingly less than 500 feet (150 m) away, that show an appreciable angular extension and considerable detail.

5) Close Encounters of the Second Kind: Physical Evidence

● A UFO event in which a physical effect is alleged; this can be interference in the functioning of a vehicle or electronic device, animals reacting, a physiological effect such as paralysis or heat and discomfort in the witness, or some physical trace like impressions in the ground, scorched or otherwise affected vegetation, or a chemical trace.

6) Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Contact

● UFO encounters in which an animated entity is present- these include humanoids, robots, and humans who seem to be occupants or pilots of a UFO.

6.1) Ted Bloecher 6 Subtypes

UFO researcher Ted Bloecher proposed six subtypes for the close encounters of the third kind in Hynek’s scale:

A (Aboard) : An entity is observed only inside the UFO

B (Both) : An entity is observed inside and outside the UFO

C (Close) : An entity is observed near to a UFO, but not going in or out

D (Direct) : An entity is observed—no UFOs are seen by the observer, but UFO activity has been reported in the area at about the same time

E (Excluded) : An entity is observed, but no UFOs are seen and no UFO activity has been reported in the area at that time

F (Frequence) : No entity or UFOs are observed, but the subject experiences some sort of “intelligent communication”.

Extensions of Hynek’s scale.

7) Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind: Alien Abduction

A Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind is a UFO event in which a human is abducted by a UFO or its occupants. This type was not included in Hynek’s original close encounters scale.

Hynek’s erstwhile associate Jacques Vallee argued in the Journal of Scientific Exploration that the “Fourth Kind” should refer to “cases when witnesses experienced a transformation of their sense of reality”, so as to also include non-abduction cases where absurd, hallucinatory or dreamlike events are associated with UFO encounters.

The film The Fourth Kind makes reference to this category.

Thomas E. Bullard argue that there is a broad, fairly consistent sequence and description of events that make up the typical “close encounter of the fourth kind” (a popular but unofficial designation building on J. Allen Hynek’s classifications). Though the features outlined below are often reported, there is some disagreement as to exactly how often they actually occur.

Bullard argues most abduction accounts feature the following events. They generally follow the sequence noted below, though not all abductions feature all the events:

1. Capture. The abductee is somehow rendered incapable of resisting, and taken from terrestrial surroundings to an apparent alien spacecraft.

2. Examination and Procedures. Invasive physiological and psychological procedures, and on occasion simulated behavioral situations, training & testing, or sexual liaisons.

3. Conference. The abductors communicate with the abductee or direct them to interact with specific individuals for some purpose, typically telepathically but sometimes using the abductee’s native language.

4. Tour. The abductees are given a tour of their captors’ vessel, though this is disputed by some researchers who consider this definition a confabulation of intent when just apparently being taken around to multiple places inside the ship.

5. Loss of Time. Abductees often rapidly forget the majority of their experience, either as a result of fear, medical intervention, or both.

6. Return. The abductees are returned to earth, occasionally in a different location from where they were allegedly taken or with new injuries or disheveled clothing.

7. Theophany. Coinciding with their immediate return, abductees may have a profound sense of love, a “high” similar to those induced by certain drugs, or a “mystical experience”, accompanied by a feeling of oneness with God, the universe, or their abductors. Whether this is the result of a metaphysical change, Stockholm syndrome, or prior medical tampering is often not scrutinized by the abductees at the time.

8. Aftermath. The abductee must cope with the psychological, physical, and social effects of the experience.

8) Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind:  Direct Communication
A Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind is a UFO event claiming direct communication between aliens and humans.

EDITOR’S NOTE from Angel Whisperer Robren: Most of the text comes from a Huffpost article and Wikipedia. This is the accepted view version.
A revised version of the classifications for UFO and Alien phenomenon is being researched, with whisperings from Angel Brenda. It is called “Close Encounters Of The 7 Kinds”. It will be published as soon as a high level of clarity is accepted and achieved from interpreting the angel whisperings.

Published: 13th September 2021.
Updated: 24th September 2021.