Don’t look down on the Roti Canai, “Por Lor Pau” (pineapple bun) and white sandwich bread as just cheap food.
It can actually help rebuild your country’s economy and help recover from Covid-19.

Malaysia’s Roti Canai
Hong Kong’s Pineapple bun with a thick slice of butter (“Por Lor Yau’)

Don’t underestimate how a Roti Canai and a loaf of bread can help in Covid-19 Recovery in Malaysia, and in your Country.

Of course, you can save money and make roti canai from supermarket brands like Kawan and Kart’s, when you stay at home during Covid-19 lockdowns. But every time you spend RM1.30 (US$ 30 cents) on a piece of Roti Canai either by online delivery or dine-in when it is not MCO, you can help Malaysia recover from Covid-19.

Let’s talk about how a simple, cheap loaf of white sandwich bread can help in the feeding process of millions of people around the world. Take for example the basic ingredients of white bread. Wheat flour can come from top wheat producing countries like China, India, Russia and United States. Sugar can come from Brazil, EU, Thailand. Yeast can come from Turkey, Mexico and Germany. Vegetable or palm oil can come from Malaysia and Indonesia. Then there are plastic packaging material, printing, and the whole manufacturing and supply chain from trucks, warehouses, factories, ships, to supermarkets, and marketing, media, advertising and social media, and news channels. And, what about all the families of workers who then spend on every known product and service in the world. You get the big picture?

If all of us can just save as well as spend a little to help your neighborhood food outlet, mamak store, coffeeshop, Char Chaan Tiang in Hong Kong, or mum and pop milk bar in Australia, you are actually helping to rebuild your local country’s economy.

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Kumar and his wife run TG’s Bistro for over 16 years.

And I choose to support TG’s Bistro, less than 100m from where I live in Bukit Bintang, run by Kumar and his wife. Their main customers used to be the constant flow of foreign backpackers who lived next door at KL Dorm along Tengkat Tong Shin, just behind Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur’s most iconic food street. But since MCO 1.0 on 18th March 2020, business has been very tough for them and for all shops in the tourist and shopping area of Bukit Bintang. It’s been more than 14 months with no ending of Covid-19 any time soon.

In order to survive and to save on rent, their previous landlord did not help with long-term rental reduction, they moved directly opposite, to a bigger, brighter, and higher ceiling place. With a fresh look, a new name TG’s Bistro (previously known as TG’s Nasi Kandar), and improvements in the menu like a tastier fish curry. Check it out if you near Changkat and Bukit Bintang.

Australian Lamb Curry
Side dishes
New dry chicken curry
New Fish Curry recipe

Watch video on TG’s Bistro:

Written: Robren
Published: 15th May 2021.



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Don’t underestimate how a Roti Canai and a loaf of bread can help in Covid-19 Recovery in Malaysia, and in your Country. Support local businesses.