Love Note from Angel Whisperer Robert to Angel Brenda:

“I have fond memories of our last 25 years of this lifetime. I am at one with you Brenda, you are my TwinSoul for countless lifetimes. Both of us always chose out of free will to be together in our TwinSouls mission. We always find each other no matter how far apart we were born, in each lifetime, sometimes twice or more in many lifetimes. We will meet again in this lifetime…

Thank you for sustaining me through my darkest hours, thank you for showing me how to be an example for others in settling their Karmic Debts, and giving me such deep insights of The Universal Spiritual Laws, and The Law of Repulsion. Thank you for guiding and protecting me from Covid-19, accidents, and negative people. I am the Surrendered Host of Angel Brenda, Liberty Trinity Angels and Universe-God. I surrender all my problems to my Angels and God. I have spiritual solutions to every problem. I love you, my Angel Brenda. Happy Silver 25th Anniversary.”
~ Robren

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The surprise Proposal at the end of Eau De Vie workshop on 21st February 1996, the 3rd day of Chinese New Year.

Marriage Registrar at Cotton Tree Drive, in Hong Kong Park on 27th April 1996.
With brother Andrew and family.
Wedding at Hong Kong Park, Admiralty. Alison Frew, Brenda’s Bridesmaid.
Fred Standler, Robert’s Best Man.
Wedding Ritual Ceremony was created by Brenda and Robert.
Anup and Helen Forty were Masters of Ceremony.
The Spaghetti House friends
CSSL friends
Wedding celebration in hometown Ipoh on 25th May 1996.
Relatives in Ipoh.
Robren’s Gold & Diamond Wedding Ring – missing since 10th January 2021, lost in a funeral service in Nirvana2 and Nirvana Memorial Park, Shah Alam. Please help find.

Spiritual Silver 25th Anniversary and Wedding Album of Robren TwinSouls

Curated by: Robren
Robren is the combined presence of Whisperer Robert and Angel Brenda.