[1] Their way is the only way to god, heaven, or salvation.

“If anyone says their way is the only way, or it will be the end of the world, it is definitely 100% a cult or a scam”

[2] Some version of imminent Doomsday coming or god’s punishment.
“No imminent doomsday end of the world prediction in history has ever come true because you are still reading this.”

All Doomsday Predictions & Doomsday Cults Were Wrong. Here were 5 Times The World Did Not End.

[3] Income tithe – a percentage of one’s income, donations, property ‘surrendered’ to the cult institution as a sign of faith, devotion of

[4] Impossible beliefs about the guaranteed promised reward in their Promised Land, Heaven on Earth, Paradise, or in The Afterlife.

[5] Blind devotion to their Founder or Supreme Leader as a demi-god, or god representative on Earth.

[6] General acceptable concepts mixed with more weird beliefs about god, extreme doctrines and practices.

[7] Ultra strict controlling discipline: weekly or daily classes, cult activities, religious center chores, no or little TV or entertainment, weird sleeping patterns,

[8] Mind control and brainwashing methods, group-peer pressure to conform.

“Modus Operandi of Religious Cults and Large Group Awareness Trainings”

[9] Weird diet and adamant food beliefs.

[10] Cult family members are their new and only family.

[11] Isolation from own families and friends.

[12] Heavy pressure to recruit of new members.

[13] Apostate, dissident, rebel or non-confirmist ostracization and harassment.

[14] Deception of unknowing famous celebrities and public figures endorsing the cult – without knowing the damaging cult practices.

6 Steps How to Protect Yourself as a CULT Whistleblower, Make a Police Report, and Connect with a News Editor

[15] Cover-up of scandals with seemingly honest charity and NGO activities – to appear legitimate and legal.

Water - Sai Baba Of India
Sathya Sai Baba BBC Exposé as a Paedophile & Magic Trickster: The Secret Swami: https://tinyurl.com/hxpxmvc6

Fame, Religion, Symbol, Uniform, Suit and Rich Attire are the Best Covers for Crime.

The #MeToo Movement brought down Tony Robbins plus the Shocking Exposé by former Director of Security Gary King

[16] Weird extremist beliefs and practices in sex, or marriage (e.g. mass weddings).

You could be brainwashed, too with cult victim Diane Benscoter — Grow Big  Always

[17] Cult uniform and religious jewelry, pendants, status badge, rings.

Tom Cruise Salutes Lrh
Tom Cruise receives a medal of recognition by Scientology.

[18] When a human being is practically adorned and worshiped as near perfect and as a God or Godman.

Confessions and Exposés of Indian fallen godmen and cults: Bikram, Gurmeet, Asaram, Osho, Mahesh Yogi, Nithyananda, Sai Baba

Written by: Robren
Cult Mediator

Published: 22nd April 2021.

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18 Cult Characteristics Checklist and Weird Cult Beliefs