Brenda Jose was an Aries-Tiger (born in the year of the tiger). Therefore, she was a very strong character. Yet she was a very loving person, and will try to ‘save’ a lost soul whenever a lost soul appears in front of her.

Brenda is Robert’s greatest teacher for the following reasons:
1. When she was alive, she was a Co-Coach and business partner at ChangeU for 12 years. She helped Robert designed the most empowering courses at that time for leadership, personal effectiveness, and mindset change.

2. She understood organizational politics, and taught Robert how to help leaders lead through tough political situations, or how to deal with hostile team leaders.

3. After she crossover and became an Angel, Angel Brenda continued with divine intervention. Robert has proof of many afterlife signs and angelic signs including one Angel Brenda saved a group of 50 UiTM foreign exchange students from MH370.

4. These are subjects that Angel Brenda has taught and whispered to Robert:
The Law Of Repulsion, how to settle Karmic Debts, understanding the difference between Twin Souls, Twin Flames, and soulmates, The Angel Code, the spiritual “Da Vinci Code”, The 7 Dimensions of the Universe, past lives revelation, Captain Zaharie and what happened to MH370, The Legend of Mahsuri of Langkawi, and the dark 9-tailed Daji Fox Seducer and Kitsune, the good Fox.

Watch a video presentation of Brenda’s life, presented in the funeral service on 11th January 2014:

Brenda José Photo Album:

Written by: Robren
Published: 7th April 2021.


Brenda José: My Greatest Teacher. Happy 59th Birthday.

The Best Compilation of Angel Brenda’s Stories and Blessings on The 7th Brenda José Memorial