Elon Musk announced to his SpaceX shareholders in the AGM his plans to send men customers to Mars and women customers to Venus in 5 years’ time. He told the packed room that he had a secret vision to make his dream come true.

When news of this event were reported in the mainstream media, Oprah Winfrey remarked that she will be the first to sign for her first space trip. Donald Trump suggested that if there was a couple seat for either Mars or Venus, he will book for him and his wife Melania. Although when he was asked to elaborate, he said he actually preferred to go Venus, rather than Mars, as he is very curious if there are female alien life forms in Venus.

Will Smith suggested that the first SpaceX flight should be on Independence Day 2026, and he will wear his Men In Black uniform during the flight.

Ellen DeGeneres hoped that SpaceX will accept LGBT couples, as she and life partner Portia de Rossi can be in the same flight to Venus.

President Xi Jinping immediately instructed the China National Space Administration to explore possibilities of sending China’s first astronauts to Venus as well as the one that was already planned for Mars.

Written by: Robren
Published on: 1st April 2021.

Breaking News: Elon Musk plans to send men to Mars and women to Venus by 2026.