● Robren Affiliate: Earn a higher side income than a full time Grab/Uber driver, and enjoy the financial freedom of working from anywhere in the world.

10 Reasons Why You should join as a Pioneer Robren Affiliate:
[1] The world’s first affiliate program where you can work from anywhere and from 8 future hubs.

[2] Earn a higher side income than a full time Grab driver, real estate agent, or an ecommerce owner.

[3] Enjoy the financial freedom of working from anywhere in the world.

[4] Be a selected Franchise holder of The Law Of Repulsion Methodology – with no investment.

[5] Have more fun than a burnt out CEO.

[6] Have more happiness and fulfilment than a tycoon.

[7] Have more time to enjoy the best things in life with your family.

[8] Make life-changing connections with investors & influencers, and open scam-free businesses.

[9] Have work-life balance by being a Robren Intrapreneur.

[10] Be personally coached by CEO-Celebrity Whisperer Robren – FOC (he charges US$500 per hr)

NOTE: This is NOT a MLM/ Network Marketing product.


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The Law Of Repulsion. The most significant life-changing methodology since NLP, “The Secret” book, and The Law of Attraction.

You will be involved in the worldwide Program and EBook Launch of “The Law of Repulsion”, with the author Robren.

An intrapreneur is a freelance entrepreneur who is tasked with developing online and offline new market territories locally and in any country

The intrapreneur may not face the excessive financial risks or reap the potential rewards of an entrepreneur. However, the intrapreneur has access to the resources and capabilities of an established company such as the Robren Group.

8 Benefits of being a Robren Affiliate:

1. Multiple Income Streams: Earn a higher side income than Grab driver, real estate agent, a stock trader, or an e-commerce operator.

2. You are starting as a Ground Zero Pioneer Affiliate.
means you are the first to choose your TERRITORY in Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, Australia, India, Europe, China, etc
– Global Online ECommerce: You can enrol any The Law of Repulsion student from anywhere in the world.

3. Opportunity to lead your own business team, spearhead your own Intrapreneur business expansion.

4. Digital Nomad (#WorkFromAnyWhere, no Lockdown restrictions): You can work from HQ Kuala Lumpur, or travel between 8 future Robren Digital Nomad Retreat Hub >> https://tinyurl.com/yapeth4t

5. Attend MasterClasses and The Law Of Repulsion Program (worth US$5,000)

6. You are personally coached and guided by Robren, Asia’s top change expert, and other international experts.

7. You will be involved in expanding our Movsha MasterMind International Network of Investors, Startup Entrepreneurs, Shark Tank Advisors. Any investors you bring you will get a high reward commission. We want you keep our Investors happy and rewarded.

8. Robren Affiliates can apply to be Robren Subject Matter Experts-Trainers.



Involvement in 9 Product Franchise Divisions in Robren Group:

1. The Law of Repulsion

2. Robren EAcademy:
Slogan: What they don’t teach you in science and business

3. Robren Mega Emall
The world’s first parallel universe scam-free emall for health, supplements, organics, eco-travel, NGOs, vegetarian, halal products, Chinese & Indian Medicine, religious and spiritual products.
City Mega EMalls opening in 2022-2026.

4. Purple Youth CSR:
7 ways youth can change the Earth:
1. Entrepreneurship 2. Arts 3. Learning  4. Charity 5. Psychology  6. Sports  7. Eco

5. The 9 New Norms to Digital Transformation and Covid-19 Recovery

6. Movsha Mastermind:
Life-changing connections & ideas for Influencers, Investors, Speakers, Experts, Entrepreneurs & TalentHunters.
7. ChangeU EAcademy:
– Leadership training, The 9 New Norms, soft skills, peak performance, CQ-EQ,
8. BorneoHunter Talent Search:

9. BK Mediation Center:

● Involvement in 9 Product Divisions in Robren Group:

● Robren Biodata: https://tinyurl.com/RobertChaenBio

● Read more about Robren Affiliate: http://www.changeu.co/robren-affiliate.html#RobrenAffiliate#BestSideIncome


Published: 29th March 2021.
Updated: 31th March 2021.