“We write with the imagination as if a word or a phrase can paint a thousand pictures inside readers.” 
~ Robren TwinSouls

A very deep satisfaction and fulfillment that money can’t buy.
A healing process especially about issues that matter or bothers the psyche.
A word or a phrase that can paint a thousand pictures inside readers.
A legacy left behind.
A spiritual solution and a way out of my problem.
An exposé.
A confession.
An art of war.
A super high like no other.
A window to the Other Side.
A creative spark from one of my muses.
A mental release of a negative thought so that I don’t kill someone.
An expression of my Dark Side, with or without a cause.
An obsession.
A pleasurable deadly sin from the 9 Deadly Sins of ego, lust, anger, jealousy, greed, gluttony, laziness, addiction, attachment.
A healing of a broken heart.
An investigative journalist story.
An amendment.
A change of heart.
A power behind the power.
A beating of the tall grass to flush out the snake.
A rope for someone to hang oneself.
A decoy.
A detour.
A miracle.
A truth that sets readers free.
A teaching that touches others.
A text when feelings get in the way.
A test.
A last gentle reminder.
A want.
A need.
A desire.
A craving.
A huge crush.
A one last chance.
A sexting.
A booty call.
A joke.
A cry of release.
A desperate cry for help.
A concern.
A check in.
An itchiness that can’t be scratched.
A collection of wisdom and interpretation of my Whisperings with Angel Brenda, and The Liberty Trinity Angels.
A crystallization of connection the dots of various subjects such as Karmic Debts,
A passion, a calling, a mission.
A message from Angel Brenda and Liberty Trinity Angels as an Angel Messenger.
A message from me targeted to a specific individual or group.
A realization, an epiphany thinking.
A centering meditation thinking process.
A redemption process.
An awareness piece.
A mental sorting out and structure of my thinking.
A concept, an idea.
A story to be shared to touch others.
A check and balance for organizational Karmic Debt, religion, politics.
A quote to inspire positive action.
A script for a short film, video, podcast.
A memoirs of my emotional experience of some distinct years of my life.
A documentation of my experiences, thinking.
A voice of conscience.
A lighthouse in the dark storms of society.
An injustice shared.
A life-changing idea or connection.
A slogan to focus the energy of a project or organization.
An expression of my very Soul, being, and what I stand for.
A way of being understood, heard, seen, noticed, and being significant.
An apology.
A forgiveness of others and to ask for forgiveness.
A catalyst.
A psychic premonition.
A prophecy, a prediction.
A PR, publicity piece.
A poem.
A love-truth-light message.
A daily high shot to keep the creative juices flowing.
An influencing piece.
An outlet when other ways don’t cut it.
A connecting the dots exercise.
A learning module.
A word of encouragement.
An acknowledgment.
An escape.
A feel good piece.
A ranting.
A getting it out of my chest
A useful digression.
A conscious distraction from a worry or a fear.
A fearless article, stand in life.
An essay to reclaim my power.
An act of kindness.
A prose to heal my broken heart, or someone’s broken heart.
An “off the record” message or question to lawyers.
An art.
A theory.
A hypothesis.
A philosophy.
A science discovery.
An insight into the Universe, spirituality, and Universal Laws such as Karma, Love, Truth.
A bipolar channeling of a higher power.
A masterpiece.
A much ado about nothing.
A time-waster exercise before the real thing.
An erotica that stirs passion and imagination more than a sexy movie.
A love letter.
A note to prevent someone’s suicide note.
A A to Z about one aspect of living, love, learning, laughter, listening, loyalty…

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NOTE to Readers: This is a collection of Robren’s writings on writing.

People ask us why we write so much, nearly everyday, often times several articles a day.
The Soul of Robert has been writing for thousands of years, in countless lifetimes.
The Soul of Robert had written songs of praise about the Soul of Brenda like the Legend of Mahsuri, but the Soul of Brenda tries to remind the Soul of Robert, to write about the end result, the outcome, the destination that people want to be, readers don’t care how wonderful the plane is, that they are sitting next to Angels, and he Angel Whisperer, God, etc.

Robren is a “Writer Soul”, destined to write in caves, on sand, on papyrus, online, offline, with blood, sweat and tears.


Why do Robren write
Whisperer Robert writes because he wants to share his latest discovery of truth.
Angel Brenda writes through Robren to share her love, empowerment, blessings
Robren, in combined presence of Whisperer Robert and Angel Brenda, writes to shine light where there is darkness.


Anyone can write
An artist can write, a hardcore tycoon can write, a prisoner can write, an angel can write (through #Whisperings with the angel’s channel), a person suicidal can write (to prevent a suicide), an activist can write, a prostitute can write, the Pope can write, a homeless person can write…

Why Only God can’t write
Because God has no religion, no race, no creation, no language, no body, no name, no form, no belongings, no pen, no nothing.
Therefore, all holy books are merely interpretations of what the writer thinks his or her God was saying.
Therefore, all religious laws imposed on their followers are man-made, that is one man or a group of men deciding what laws other men and women must follow by.

Holy books can never be written by God. Why?
Because God is NOT HUMAN, but Humans are LIKE GOD, ARE PART OF GOD.


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Written by: Robren TwinSouls
Published: 28th March 2021. On a Full Worm Moon night.
Updated regularly on: 29th March 2021.