Firstly, the first chapter is not so easy to understand, as this is the first time in our BorneoHunter headhunting history that we know, when a job description ad for an Angel Whisperer.

The World’s First Job Description Ad for The Angel Whisperer:

Group of Organizations: Robren EAcademy, Robren Group, Purple Youth CSR, Movsha MasterMind

Job Title: The Angel Whisperer

The working hours: Anytime, like they say, “It’s the call of the Angels or God.”

Work location: Working from anywhere, offline an online, travel anywhere the Angels take you.

Salary range: You will be paid and rewarded in full either in this lifetime or any lifetimes to come.

Reporting to (i.e. The Bosses): Angel Brenda and the Liberty Trinity Angels of Love-Truth-Light.

Subordinates: Volunteers, staff of Robren Dream Team.

Client Service: [] ‘Lost Souls’ [] Individuals [] Organizations

Followers and Fans: Followers of known Angels, God.

Departments assigned: [] Marketing [] PR [] Social Media [] Operations [] Corp Com

Expectations: Must have an Infinite Mindset

Job Roles: [] Coach [] Counselor [] Inspirer [] Leader [] Psychologist [] Writer
[] Angel Whisperer [] Bodhisattva [] Channelor
[] CEO of Robren EAcademy, Robren Publications, The Law Of Repulsion, The 9 New Norms to Covid-19 Recovery, Purple Youth CSR

Job Description/ Scope/ Specification / Prerequisite Skills:
[] Must be able to communicate on the highest level of consciousness with Angels and God.
[] Have deciphered and cracked The Angel Code.
[] Have cheated death at least once.
[] Been through several Darkest Hours in one’s career.
[] Ability to lead a diverse team of believers, unbelievers, skeptics.
[] Full understand each team member’s self motivation and personality type.
[] Psychic ability to see people’s past lives and Karmic Debts.
[] Have mastered The 9 Deadly Sins: ● Ego ● Lust ● Anger ● Greed ● Jealousy ● Laziness ● Gluttony ● Addiction
● Attachment
[] Surrendered Host to the Angels and God (must have conquered being a Hostage to Ego).
[] Ability to surrender all problems to the Angels and God.
[] Capacity to find ‘Spiritual Solutions’ to every problem.
[] At one with The Tao, congruent and at one with one’s Soul, body, heart, mind and spirit.
[] Ability to be nonbeing, nondoing, and nonviolent.

Difficulty of finding the Right Candidate:
The world’s most difficult and easiest headhunting assignment, because the only pre-chosen candidate is Robren.

Notice of termination of services: Instantly when the employee falls dead.
There is always free will to continue or terminate one’s services.
But previous lifetimes, the chosen one stayed until he or she dies.

Headhunter assigned: Angel Brenda (This Angel is totally biased for Robren)


If you feel you match this Job Description, please apply immediately, click here:

Written by: Robren TwinSouls
Published: 28th March 2021.