The LGAT & New Age Memoirs is about the exact period between leaving the Brahma Kumaris in 1989 and the crossing-over of Brenda José on 23rd December 2013, when Robert Chaen became The Angel Whisper. These 24 years period is known as The LGAT & New Age Years.

Some highlights in The LGAT & New Age Memoirs:

● Numerology, the start of leaving the Brahma Kumaris
● The Odyssey New Age Partnership with Helen Forty and Brenda José
● AsiaWorks
● Alexander Everett – “The Father of Human Potential Movement”, Founder of Mind Dynamics, complementing MLM group Holiday Magic
● The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
● The Father of FireWalking ● Money and You


I would like to thank Caroline Chong (UTAR) and Celaine Sow (INTI), interns from Robren Dream Team who were in the Creative Publication Team, to design the ebook cover, chapter layout, editing, proof-reading, and the overall design of the ebook, Doria Cordova who being the catalyst for writing this ebook, and morale support from Jacy Wee, Terence Tan, Aristor Supardy for first introducing me and connecting to the key people of Money & You, and too many others, you know who you are.


Written by: Robren
Published: 28th March 2021.