The Brahma Kumaris are in deep serious trouble since the death of Dadi Gulzar on 11th March 2021. Why?

As a keen observer of BKs, since leaving BKs as the world’s second Chinese BK leader, Robren was the first person to write about The 9 Implications of the Death of Dadi Gulzar, before even the official news appeared on Indian mainstream news on the death of Dadi Gulzar on 11th March 2021. Robren’s video on the earliest news of Dadi Gulzar was widely shared in Youtube and Facebook around the world.

The 7 reasons why Brahma Kumaris are in their most serious crisis:

#1. The end of the roles of Bapdada in the corporeal world.
The death of Gulzar has multiple implications. The most obvious is Bapdada, the Supreme Soul and God of BKs have lost their last special chariot. Not many BKs have realized yet that Bapdada and Dadi Gulzar have left the corporeal world to their Soul World for good, period. And 11th March 2021 is the date of the end of Iron Age or Kali Yuga, according our interpretations of Shiva Baba’s beliefs.

11th March 2021 should mark 4 major events and periods for the BKs (but very few BKs may accept this obvious implication):
1) The end of Iron Age or Kali Yuga.
2) The end of the 5,000 year Earth cycle.
3) The (start of the) end of the world or Earth, as BKs know it.
4) A new 5,000 year cycle starting with Golden Age, when Brahma Baba will be incarnated as Krishna, the first perfect human deity to be born in a perfect Bharat-India, with no wars, and no suffering.

NOTE: All the above are interpreted according to Shiva Baba and BK’s beliefs. You can ask a BK, if you need an explanation of these BK beliefs. Robren accepts that every Brahma Kumari and every soul has roles to play, and are all part of the God-Universe. Robren accepts BKs but does not agree with every belief of a religion such as the BKs.

#2. The end of Bapdada’s personal guidance.

For 85 years since 1936, both the Twinsouls of Bapdada, Shiva Baba (the Supreme Soul and God of BKs) and Brahma Baba (the founder of BKs and the first chariot of Shiva Baba until 18th January 1969), have lead and guided the organization, but now BKs have finally lost their founder twinsouls.

#3. The end of the world as predicted by Shiva Baba has not happened. BKs are now unsure when the end of the world is.

The end of the world is a big motivator for BKs to be “karmateet” to be pure enough that one is free from all karma, and leave the body as the final result.

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“All doomsday predictions and doomsday religions were wrong. We are still here.”
~ Robren

#4. A huge vacuum for the succession of the next generation of BK Administrative Heads, and one last Dadi remaining, Dadi Ratan Mohini.
There have been three Administrative Heads of Brahma Kumaris deaths in the last 14 years:
The first Administrative Head of BKs who left the body was Dadi Prakash Mani or popularly known as Dadi Komarka on 25th August 2007.
The second Administrative Head of BKs who left the body was Dadi Janki on 27th March 2020.
The third Administrative Head of BKs who left the body was Dadi Gulzar on 11th March 2021.
[Update on 6th May 2021] The Additional Administrative Head of BKs who left the body was Dadi Ishu at 8.05𝐩𝐦 𝐨𝐧 6𝐭𝐡 𝐌𝐚𝐲, 2021.

#5. Is the next generation Administrative Head of BKs ready?

Who are the usual suspects for the next generation of Administrative Head of BKs? Who is the most accepted by both Indian BKs and foreign BKs. Note: A Foreigner BK will never be accepted as the Head of BKs.
Sister Jayanti (UK BK service)
Didi Dr. Nirmala (Asia-Australian service)
Sister Mohini (USA BK service)

The Indian BKs are the much larger group than (Double) Foreigner BKs. So it is quite obvious the most popular choice is Didi Dr. Nirmala, but her leadership style is too harsh, too controlling, and outdated. In our opinion, Sister Jayanti is a much more balanced leader, and the most suitable choice to be the next generation of BKs. The final choice for Administrative Head will depend on the BK’s inner circle, rather than the popular vote of regular BK students. Just like the Pope is chosen among the inner circle of Cardinals, never the popular vote of regular Roman Catholics.

#6. There will be no new knowledge since Bapdada is gone.
There is a real problem that BK knowledge remain stagnant, with no progressive new thinking, as there is no obvious “BK Master-Teacher of Teachers” after Bapdada and Dadi Janki. Recorded Sakar and Avyakt Murlis have been recycled for many years.

“Holy Books from thousands of years ago are informing your understanding of the natural world, but how much in the Holy Books are obsolete, irrelevant, false, destructive, judgmental, controlling, cultish, and man-made laws?”
~ Robren

This is the same problem with all religions as religious holy books were written hundreds to two thousand years ago.  

#7. How and who will make BK and BK beliefs relevant to today’s world?
No clear successor in sight. From the succession patterns of most organizations regardless of business or religious organizations, there will be the highly predictable pattern of either a strong competition to become the new head, or there will be a big vacuum with no clear leader emerging for a few years until the lame duck Head Dadi or lame duck Chairman of the Board retires or dies.


Robren’s 5 Recommendations for Brahma Kumaris:

1. Be relevant to the world in 2021, and beyond.
Let go of those beliefs and practices that are outdated, obsolete, and no longer relevant to today’s world.

This process is probably the hardest of all transformational processes. Why?
Because we are creatures of habit, and we get too used to old ways, even though there are no longer relevant. For example the Kodak photographic film is nearly dead, and was replaced by the digital format.

2. Heal and unite as one BK family.
BKs are no different than any other community. It is normal human nature aka lower consciousness to backstab, play politics, betray, create a mutiny, gossip, bad mouth, be overly competitive, aggressive, be over ambitious to be in the 108 Rosary. STOP. Start living in Higher Consciousness, and start to accept EVERY soul, every sentient being, every non-living thing, including Covid-19, Hitler, and Mother Teresa, has roles to play, and everything is part of the God-Universe.

3. Dialogue and bridge their BK families and Ex-BKs.

Spiri Community‘s survey shows that the biggest compliant about Brahma Kumaris is BK teachers detach and isolate BKs from their lokik or physical families. “Blood is thicker than water.” Many families and friends of BKs want to dialogue Senior BKs about losing their loved ones to BK.

Spiri Community has established BK Mediation Center, the world’s first online BK specialist service provided for the Brahma Kumaris community, Ex-BKs, and their families to communicate with each other on their differing needs, requests and priorities. You can also join the private Facebook Group Brahma Kumaris Forum:

● WANTED BKMC Volunteers for various Roles:

To work several hours in a day or a week.

4. Reinvent the BK organization, from top to bottom, from Dadis to BK murli students

● Let the youth junior BKs make Brahma Kumaris relevant to today’s world.

● Senior BKs don’t make promises you can’t keep.

● Don’t be so extreme in maintaining BK discipline, love conquers all including Dharamraj.

● Drop the end of the world doomsday scare, there are more effective ways to make the world a better place.

● Playing good cop and bap cop is an acceptable leadership practice, however, truth hurts, telling the truth is an art, it’s not a science, or a medical procedure.

5. Retrain and upskill the BK organization with the latest leadership and soft skills.
● Learn more effective modern leadership skills, positive encouragement and constructive feedback, is more effective than negative confrontation, guide people to make their own decision than give one way Shrimat (higher directions) and advice. That way people will take better ownership, than be puppets.

Written by: Robren
Published: 27 March 2021.
Updated: 5 May 2023.


About the author: ROBREN, The Ineffable Whisperer

Robren is a Chinese Malaysian author based in Hong Kong. Born in Ipoh, Malaysia, in a Taoist family, a fourth generation Hakka, from Guangdong region. Since the age of seven, he was strongly spiritual. At 20 years old he joined the ultra-strict, wake up at 4am, celibacy religion called Brahma Kumaris. He gave up his last year of university in Melbourne, because he believed the world would end in seven years’ time. Together with his eldest brother, Tom, they opened the first BK Raja Yoga Centre in Kuala Lumpur. For this daytime job he worked as a Copywriter in J Walter Thompson advertising, and in the evenings and on weekends, as a celibate BK leader, he taught meditation and BK teachings. He was a 31 year old virgin.

After the 10 BK years, he was taught by the original founders of the human potential, LGAT, and New Age movement. Later he became “the Father of Asian Firewalking”, and the “Angel Whisperer, who cracked the Angel Code“, the spiritual “Da Vinci Code”. He now travels the world sharing his latest signature program, based on 40 years of research, The Law of Repulsion, the most significant life-changing methodology since NLP and The Law of Attraction, with customized versions for organizations, sales professionals, individuals, entrepreneurs, and youth.

Robren is the Founder of ChangeU (leadership, management, AI ChatGPT upskilling), Spiri (metaphysics), Omada Makeover (rebranding), The Robren Show (references, interviews), and Purple Youth CSR Groups.
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