Robren bares his soul with his three biggest confessions in his Brahma Kumaris career – his biggest downfall, his deepest conflict, and his darkest secret. This is the world’s first Brahma Kumaris memoirs by the world’s second Chinese Brahma Kumaris leader.

BK Robert was 20 when he became the world’s second Chinese Brahma Kumaris leader. The Brahma Kumaris organization has more than 825,000 regular students, with over 8,500 BK Raja Yoga centres in 100 countries. He gave up his university studies in Melbourne, and surrendered his life to be in BK service, as he believed that the world would end in seven years.

Robert changed his name to Robren after a series of impossible coincidences and ongoing epiphanies since Covid-19 pandemic lockdown started. When Robren went through his darkest hour, and cheated death with Covid-19, he decided to settle his two biggest Karmic Debts. The first Karmic Debt was a US$2,000,000 Defamation case that was settled in High Court – without a lawyer, at no cost. The second Karmic Debt was writing The Brahma Kumaris Memoirs and doing an apology notice to the BKs, after being the fiercest critic of BKs for 4 years.

Now Robren accepts every soul has roles to play, and everyone and everything is part of the God-Universe. He believes there are spiritual solutions to every problem, and when you surrender all your problems to your guardian angels, you and your life will be liberated.

The immediate result for settling his Karmic Debt is stunning, and with Robren’s new dual focus on The Infinite Mindset and High Consciousness, Robren’s life turned 180 degrees, from no income for one year to new opportunities in being an ebook writer, speaking worldwide, advocating his latest signature masterpiece called “The Law of Repulsion” – settle your karmic debts first, or you can’t attract your dreams and success.

As a keen observer of BKs since leaving BKs in 1989, and a certified Investigative Journalist, Robren was the first person to write about The 9 Implications of the Death of Dadi Gulzar, before even the official news appeared on Indian mainstream news on the death of Dadi Gulzar on 11th March 2021.

The Brahma Kumaris Memoirs is an account of the struggle to live an ultra strict celibate life as a virgin youth leader, while being tempted from all sides while working in the sexy, backstabbing, political world of advertising. He discovered a religious organization can even be more ruthlessly political than an ad agency. It is a tale of fierce loyalty to a religion, and a willingness to surrender and sacrifice to the supreme directions of his senior Dadis, and regional heads.

With the spiritual wisdom that distinguishes most great spiritual writers and philosophers, Robren has written a universal and personal transformational story that goes straight to the heart of one’s faith, the classic light conquer darkness, and letting go of the ego.


About the author: Robren

Robren is a Chinese Malaysian author based in Hong Kong. Born in Ipoh, Malaysia, in a Taoist family, a fourth generation Hakka, from Guangdong region. Since the age of seven, he was strongly spiritual. At 20 years old he joined the ultra-strict religion, Brahma Kumaris, he gave up his last year of university in Melbourne, because he believed the world would end in seven years’ time. Together with his eldest brother, Tom, they opened the first BK Raja Yoga Centre in Kuala Lumpur. For this daytime job he worked as a Copywriter in J Walter Thompson advertising, and in the evenings and on weekends, as a celibate BK leader, he taught meditation and BK teachings. He only had sex at the age of 31.

After the 10 BK years, he was taught by the original founders of the human potential, LGAT, and New Age movement. Later he became “the Father of Asian Firewalking”, and the “Angel Whisperer, who cracked the Angel Code“, the spiritual “Da Vinci Code”. He now travels the world sharing his latest signature program, based on 40 years of research, The Law of Repulsion, the most significant life-changing methodology since NLP and The Law of Attraction, with customized versions for organizations, sales professionals, individuals, entrepreneurs, and youth.


Even you have nothing to do with Brahma Kumaris, anyone who had struggled with deep conflicts with one’s business organization or one’s religion, its politics and one’s leaders.

Join Robren on a roller coaster ride in the wonderful, behind the scenes, and the secretive world of the Brahma Kumaris, with lots of untold ‘juicy’, heartfelt and funny BK stories.

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Published: 24th March 2021.
Updated: 26th March 2021.