Everyone from the world’s richest man, religious leader, prime minister to the homeless beggar has Karmic Debts, and can have a change of fortune for better or for worse.

Your finances is dependent on your Karmic Finances – how you treat others.

How have things changed for me since New Year’s Day?

It’s been exactly one month since I changed my name from Robert Chaen to Robren on 21st February 2021. I woke up from an electrical outage, and I had a strong epiphany. And, how my life have changed 180 degrees, in one month!

But the 2021 started with January being the worst month of my life.

On 10th January 2021, I lost my wedding ring at close aunt’s funeral in Nirvana2. The wedding ring was my most precious belonging in my life at that time, because of the sentimental value of the memory of my late wife, and Twin Soul, Brenda.

Then I had my Darkest Hour.

My US$2,000,000 Defamation case was settled in High Court – without a lawyer, at no cost.

You too can have a “Change Of Fortune” by understanding The Law of Repulsion.

So, how have things changed for me and you since New Year’s Day?

Written by: Robren
Published: 21st March 2021.

How You too can have a “Change Of Fortune”