Robren is a prolific writer, who experiments with many styles of writing such as:

Robren’s Fables: classic stories form Robren’s style of Story-telling

eBook writing

Podcast & Short Film Script writing

Short Stories
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Robren has a few novella writing in progress.

Advertising copywriting
Robren first career was a Copywriter at J Walter Thompson, later he worked at Leo Burnett Hong Kong.

Investigative journalism
Robren is a certified scholarship student of the first batch of students of KiniAcademy’s Muckracking Investigative Journalism 10 weekend course.

Erotica writing
Robren studies Spiritual, Religious & Ancient Erotica, its history and how it influenced popular culture and sexuality in that period and beyond.

Although many people have heard or read about William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but not many people are aware that Shakespeare was a prolific erotica English literature writer. His Sonnets show the hidden erotica and romantic side of Shakespeare.

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Public Relations

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Published: 18th March 2021.
Updated: 21st March 2021.


Confessions of William Shakespeare. Is he Gay or Bisexual? Shakespeare’s Sonnets were the most personal of all of his writings.