The Brahma Kumaris Memoirs was written in 14 days from 6th March 2021 to 19th March 2021. Robren was inspired to write the world’s first Brahma Kumaris memoirs a day after his one and half hour call with BK Jothi, the first “pakar” (strong in Hindi) BK student and the oldest brother BK leader in Malaysia. He is currently the centre-in-charge of Johor Bahru BK Raja Yoga Centre since 1989.

Robren was called BK Robert, who co-founded Brahma Kumaris Malaysia on May 1981 with his eldest brother, Tom. Tom and Robert were the world’s first “Original Jewels” Chinese BK leaders, who studied BK in Sydney and Melbourne respectively. Sister Maureen aka BK Murni who is a prominent BK leader from Australia was the ex-wife of Tom, and the ex-sister-in-law of Robert.

The first chapter of the memoirs was published online on 9th March. The writing of The BK Memoirs symbolically coincided during the most significant event in recent BK history – the passing away of Dadi Gulzar, the Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris and most importantly the end of the special chariot of Bapdada.

This implies that the three souls of Dadi Gulzar, Shiva Baba (the Supreme Soul and God of BKs) and Brahma Baba (the founder of BKs) have returned to their Soul World for good, and 11st March 2021 should mark the end of Iron Age or Kali Yuga, and the end of the 5,000 year Earth cycle, and start of the end of the Iron-Aged world. And, a new 5,000 year cycle starting with Golden Age, when Brahma Baba will be incarnated as Krishna, the first perfect deity to be born in perfect Bharat-India. This is according to Shiva Baba and BK’s beliefs.

Robren immediately wrote a tribute article on the day Dadi Gulzar left the body on Shivaratri day on 11th March 2021. As a keen observer of BKs since leaving BKs in 1989, and a certified Investigative Journalist, Robren was the first person to write about The 9 Implications of the Death of Dadi Gulzar, before even the official news appeared on Indian mainstream news on the death of Dadi Gulzar. He also posted a YouTube video in various Youtube channels, which was widely shared by others around the world.

A Brahma Kumaris will never write a Memoir, because it will mean exposing one’s weaknesses, failures, downfall, embarrassing stories that tends to define the person, and most BKs will be scared of losing their status and perceived reputation. Therefore, The Brahma Kumaris Memoirs will probably remain the only BK Memoirs in history. Moreover, a memoir needs a transformation focus, if not, there is nothing to read about.

During the short period of writing this ebook, the most significant news was the passing away of Dadi Gulzar on 11th March 2021. Robren identified The 9 Implications of the Death of Dadi Gulzar, the Head of Brahma Kumaris on Shivaratri day.


NOTE: The website version in of The Brahma Kumaris Memoirs ebook has hyperlinks to other articles, whereas the ebook pdf version has no hyperlinks.

A Ebook Review (this section is not in the final version of the ebook)

The Brahma Kumaris Memoirs is an account of the struggle to live an ultra strict celibate life as a virgin youth leader, while being tempted from all sides while working in the sexy, backstabbing, political world of advertising. He discovered a religious organization can even be more ruthlessly political than an ad agency. It is a tale of fierce loyalty to a religion, and a willingness to surrender and sacrifice to the supreme directions of his senior Dadis, and regional heads.

With the spiritual wisdom that distinguishes most great spiritual writers and philosophers, Robren has written a universal and personal transformational story that goes straight to the heart of one’s faith, the classic light conquer darkness, and letting go of the ego.


Robren bares his soul with his three biggest confessions in his Brahma Kumaris career – his biggest downfall, his deepest conflict, and his darkest secret. This is the world’s first Brahma Kumaris memoirs by the world’s second Chinese Brahma Kumaris leader.

Join Robren on a roller coaster ride in the wonderful, behind the scenes, and the secretive world of the Brahma Kumaris, with lots of untold ‘juicy’, heartfelt and funny BK stories.

I decided not to refer to my previous BK articles, or take the easy way of copy and paste from my previous BK articles. There are 7 reasons why I decided to write from scratch:
● I have changed a great deal since 21st February 2021.

● The truth my previous BK articles were too harsh and doesn’t reflect who I really am.

● I now accept every soul, every religion, everyone and everything has roles to play and they are all part of the God-Universe. I accept all things, but that doesn’t mean I agree with everyone.

● I wanted to write from my heart from a balanced, positive side of my story in my memoirs, rather than focusing on the negative side.

● Writing from a positive angle is a healing process for me. I have “been there, done that” from a critical and negative angle, now I write from the opposite positive angle.

● If you are looking for harsh criticism or even perceived hate (from my previous articles about BKs) in this ebook, let me tell you there are none, at least from my perspective. I suggest anti-BKs be open to a different perspective of acceptance of people who don’t share your beliefs or faith.

● If you think my positive approach to this ebook means I am actively promoting BKs, then you are missing the point. I suggest pro-BKs and pro-religion types be open to new perspectives that can forever change your overall outlook, infinite mindset – without compromising your BK or other religious beliefs.

I hope this ebook can be a ‘bridge’, an ongoing dialogue, communication, and forum between BKs, Ex-BKs, and their families and friends.

● My one hope has always been that Brahma Kumaris maintain a relationship with their own physical family, relatives, and old friends, instead of isolating themselves, and only have connections with the BK family.

● However, it doesn’t mean I will not write about my negative emotions, as not all experiences in my BK life were all good, and no life can ever be all good. I will write from authenticity, I take ownership of my part and role I played in any mentioned situation, what I really felt including my mistakes, downfall, and failures. I am human after all.

● But whatever I write is my truth, my opinion, my take of the situations. If somebody is offended by my frankness and upfront truth, I sincerely apologize in advance.

I would like to thank Caroline Chong (UTAR) and Celaine Sow (INTI), interns from Robren Dream Team who were in the Creative Publication Team, to design the ebook cover, chapter layout, editing, proof-reading, and the overall design of the ebook, BK Jothi for being the catalyst to inspire my writing this BK Memoirs, and morale support from Ann Tan, Jootha, and too many others, you know who you are.

Robren is the Angel Whisperer who cracked The Angel Code, for 4 Angels to whisper and speak through them. Robren is the combined presence of the Twin Souls, Whisperer Robert and Angel Brenda.



Published: 7th March 2021
Updated: 27th March 2021.


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