Hi this is Robren.

We like to introduce you to Angel Wishes, a non-religious free service by Robren Foundation.

If you have been praying to God only, you may want to try offering your Angel Wishes to the Liberty Trinity Angels and Angel Brenda.

Love, Truth and Light are UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED, therefore, these Angels are NOT attached to any religion, race, gender, or worldly form.

NOTE: Angel Wishes is not worshiping. There is no worshiping of any Angels.

You can continue worshiping and praying to your God, and Guardian Angels without any problem.

These are the Special Key Areas the Angels are well known for:

Special Key Areas the Angels are well known for:

Liberty Trinity Angels (includes all Key Areas of Angel of Love, Truth and Light listed below):

[] Liberty and Freedom  [] Big Karmic Debt  [] Balance  [] Equality  [] Equanimity  [] Stress, Depression, Mental Health  [] Leadership, Team Spirit  [] Unity  [] Alignment  [] Wealth  [] Accident  [] Covid-19 Protection

Angel of Love:

[] Unconditional Love  [] Compassion  [] Relationships  [] Family  []  Parental  [] Children 

Angel of Truth: 

[] Wisdom  [] Honesty  [] Trustworthy business deals  [] Career  [] Passion  [] Writing  [] Creativity  [] Scams  [] Cults  [] False Beliefs  [] Religious Restrictions  [] Law suits  [] Exam  []  Education  [] Confession   [] Dark Family Secrets and Personal Dark Secrets

Angel of Light: 

[] Light conquering Darkness and Evil  [] Obstacles Remover  [] Enlightenment  [] Clarity  [] Physical Body  [] Sports  [] Crime, Drugs, Murder

Angel Brenda: 

[] Marriage  [] Couples  [] New Relationships  [] Breakups  [] LGBT issues  [] Abortion  [] Rape, Sexual Harassment  [] Arts  [] Hobbies  [] Pets

All Angels:
[] Healing  [] Spirituality  [] Knowledge 

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In liberty, love, truth and light
Robren is the combined presence of the Twin Souls Whisperer Robert and Angel Brenda.

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Written by: Robren
Published: 2nd March 2021.
Updated: 3rd March 2021.


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