NOTICE (2021.02.27): 21st February 2021 is the day which marks the biggest shift in focus and ideology in this website, with 6 big changes:  

1. The Shift from Robert Chaen to Robren:  
Not just by name but by the combined presence of the Twin Souls, Whisperer Robert and Angel Brenda. Previously Angel Brenda speaks directly occasionally through the body of Robert, however, now Angel Brenda speaks directly to anyone, at anytime, anywhere, or Angel Brenda speaks in the combined Robren presence form. Note: Robren is plural and uses ‘we’ in articles and communication.

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“Liberating lives. The best things in life are free”
~ Robren Foundation’s Slogan

2. The Robren Foundation offers a series of free services, and CSR initiatives.
Since 2013, Robren has been offering free services, free ebooks, free community support, and will continue to offer more online courses and services. Robert Chaen has surrendered his resources and assets to the Robren Foundation.

3. New Key Areas:
Robren EWorld, Robren EAcademy (Spirituality, Spiritual Entrepreneurship), Robren ETV Channel, Robren House Publications, Angel Channel (Angel Wishes, How to be Angel Whisperer, Big Karmic Debts), Afterlife Channel (Afterlife Signs).

4. The Virtual Robren EWorld:  Moving from offline to online
Since 2020 and Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, our operations have shifted significantly from offline to online, from offline to online virtual events, Robren EAcademy, masterclasses. Watch out for this space for new exciting programs, projects, and events.

5. New Layout format:
Key Categories listed (In the future whole sections will likely be moved to another website, to be announced). As Robren travel the world online and offline, they will continue to write Food, Beverage and Travel (FBT) Reviews, as these are probably the most favorite and the most liked of their articles and social media posts.

6. Archives:
Old articles that are not in alignment with Robren’s New Higher Consciousness Practices are archived, but not removed. Think – the ideology and practices of The Old Testament of the Holy Bible were overridden by The New Testament, but not removed. Robren accepts that EVERY soul, every sentient being, very non-living thing, including Covid-19, Hitler, and Mother Teresa, has roles to play, and everything is part of the God-Universe.

For the record, the last time when such a big shift happened was on 23rd December 2013, the day Brenda José crossed over as Angel Brenda, and Robert became The Angel Whisper to Angel Brenda. Brenda gave Robert her first Afterlife Sign (a Mark Six lottery with Brenda’s 2 Soul Numbers) 2 hours after she crossed over. Robert’s writing changed forever from that the Finest Hour moment. Angel Brenda is known as the Angel with the Most Proven Afterlife and Angelic Signs.

Robren don’t answer trolls in the comment sections anymore, as trolls have roles to play.

Letting go of who I am is what other people think of me” (one of six Ego Identifiers) has a huge impact for Robert Chaen to shift to Robren.

Robren is a Spiritual Host to Angels and to God.


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Written by: Robren
Published: 28th February 2021.


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