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What are Dark Secrets?
A piece of information that is extremely private and confidential, usually implied to be embarrassing, incriminating, or shameful.

There are 10 Types of Dark Secrets:

1. Personal Dark Secret – which one are most ashamed about.

2. Family Dark Secret– which a family are most ashamed about.

3. City or Country Dark Secret – which an entire city or country is ashamed about, especially in the city’s or country’s past history (e.g. war history, bloody revolution, a horrible incident)

4. Political and Governmental Dark Secret – which a political party tries to cover (.e.g. corruption, illegal funding)

5. Business and Organizational Dark Secret – which an organization tries to cover up.(e.g. CBT, death news, insider trading, bribery, bad investments, rogue traders, scams, overcharging, unethical practices, excessive internal politics)

6. Functional and Departmental Dark Secret – which a particular function and department tries to cover up (e.g. illegal practices, child labor, illegal fund raising, false advertising).

7. Educational Dark Secret – related to an educational organization or division (e.g. bullying, teaching political, racial or religious bias).

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8. Religious Dark Secret – which a religion or a cult tries to cover up (.e.g. priest pedophile, rape, underage marriage, honor killings, cult isolation, end of the world doomsday manipulation, ostracizing)

8. Racial Dark Secret – which a particular race is ashamed about.

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9. Sexual Dark Secret – anything issue related to rape, molesting, sexual harassment, blackmail, #MeToo)

10. Miscellaneous Dark Secrets e.g. the Dark Web, military, medical and pharmaceutical tests, science experiments (nuclear bomb experiments on Bikini Islanders), spying, wars, disasters, social ideological experiments (such as communism, religious ideologies, China’s Cultural Revolution)

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Written by: Robren
Published: 26th February 2021.


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