● Healing Confessions is a FREE value-added service provided by Robren – for you to get it off your chest, so that you get some relief, instead of bottling it up and later exploding unconsciously. If you do not have an outlet for your hidden confession, you will probably end up unconsciously hurting someone else, or you have huge TRIGGERS and excessive overreaction whenever someone touches on this issue.
Please refrain profanity (we will remove if the word or phase is not appropriate or too rude)
● You have an option to publish your Healing Confessions or not.
● In the future, we plan to have a Confessions Hotline. Volunteers are needed. watch out for this space.

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Benefits of Making a Confession to a Stranger:
● Huge relief as you offload a burden you’ve been keeping secret from others, especially your loved ones like your parents, siblings, spouse, business partner, best friend, etc.
● This is safe, benign way to let go steam, instead being at the mercy of your volatile sub-conscious mind lashing out at irrelevant people.
● After you have made your confession, you’ll find you are much more emotionally and mentally settled, and stable.
● You let go of your Confession Triggers.


Submit My Confession Story here >> https://tinyurl.com/5yw7nnd

Written by: Robren
Published: 25th February 2021.
Updated: 27th February 2021.


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