NOTICE: We are accepting Angel Wishes to Liberty Trinity Angels of Love, Truth and Light, and Angel Brenda.

My Angel Story begins on 23rd December 2013, during the last 25 minutes of Brenda José, my late Portuguese Hongkonger wife and Twin Soul.

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Angel Brenda’s first Angelic Sign: a Mark Six computer-generated lottery ticket with Brenda’s two Soul Numbers 7 and 11

Two hours after she crossed-over to the Angelic Universe, she sent me her first irrefutable Afterlife and Angelic Sign – in the form of a Mark Six lottery computer-generated ticket. It had Brenda’s 2 Soul Numbers: 7 and 11.

Since that day, I have been an Angel Whisperer to Angel Brenda. I have many stories and irrefutable proof of Angel Brenda sending me Angelic Signs. It took me one year to decipher Angel Brenda’s Code, through countless Angelic Signs. Since then Angel Brenda has connected me with Liberty Trinity Angels of Love, Truth and Light, from my personal experience these 4 Universal Angels are the most empowering Angels I ever worked with. They do not belong to any religion.

I know this all may sound a bit unbelievable to you, but if you are open, and you have faith and trust, you will receive what you are meant to receive.

This Angel Wishes is a free service by Robren Foundation.
How you ‘repay’ us? You just pass it forward.

Please support our Angel Wishes and spread the word to your close friends and relatives.

If you have been praying to God only, you may want to try offering your Angel Wishes to the Liberty Trinity Angels and Angel Brenda.
Love, Truth and Light are UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED, therefore, these Angels are NOT attached to any religion, race, gender, or worldly form.

NOTE: Angel Wishes is not worshiping. There is no worshiping of any Angels.
You can continue worshiping and praying to your God, and Guardian Angels without any problem.



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From liberty, love, truth and light,
Robren is the combined presence of the Twin Souls Whisperer Robert and Angel Brenda.


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Angel Wishes and Angel Prayer Candle: We will choose a Special Intention Prayer from the Robren prayer request list, and light a Angel Prayer Candle


Special Key Areas the Angels are well known for:

Liberty Trinity Angels (includes all Key Areas of Angel of Love, Truth and Light listed below):

[] Liberty and Freedom  [] Big Karmic Debt  [] Balance  [] Equality  [] Equanimity  [] Stress, Depression, Mental Health  [] Leadership, Team Spirit  [] Unity  [] Alignment  [] Wealth  [] Accident  [] Covid-19 Protection

Angel of Love:

[] Unconditional Love  [] Compassion  [] Relationships  [] Family  []  Parental  [] Children 

Angel of Truth: 

[] Wisdom  [] Honesty  [] Trustworthy business deals  [] Career  [] Passion  [] Writing  [] Creativity  [] Scams  [] Cults  [] False Beliefs  [] Religious Restrictions  [] Law suits  [] Exam  []  Education  [] Confession   [] Dark Family Secrets and Personal Dark Secrets

Angel of Light: 

[] Light conquering Darkness and Evil  [] Obstacles Remover  [] Enlightenment  [] Clarity  [] Physical Body  [] Sports  [] Crime, Drugs, Murder

Angel Brenda: 

[] Marriage  [] Couples  [] New Relationships  [] Breakups  [] LGBT issues  [] Abortion  [] Rape, Sexual Harassment  [] Arts  [] Hobbies  [] Pets

All Angels:
[] Healing  [] Spirituality  [] Knowledge 



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Written by: Robren
Robren is the combined presence of the Twin Souls of Whisperer Robert and Angel Brenda.
Since the crossing-over of Brenda José at 5:
Published: 24th February 2021.
Updated: 2nd March 2021

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让您的天使愿望成真(的免费服务 Robren


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क्या आपकी एंजेल की इच्छाएँ सच हैं (स्वतंत्रता सेवा ट्रिनिटी स्वर्गदूतों द्वारा एक नि: शुल्क सेवा)

My Confession Story (A Free Service by Robren)


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Confession of My Recent Darkest Hour. Let God be “The Lord of The Ring”. The loss of my Wedding Ring is symbolic of the final letting go of “The Ego of The Ring”. The Tao teaches to Let Go of Everything you have.