(Chapter 2)

I was born with a Western name, my original name is “Robert, together with my Chinese first name. All my three elder brothers have Western names at birth. I think it was partially because my father worked in a big foreign multinational FMCG organization.

Ever since seven years old, I have series of deep meaningful spiritual experiences, all through my life.

Even my primary school extracurricular activities were spiritual based as I joined the “Valiant Vanguards” for 11 years from primary school level one – unlike my fellow classmates who were more into the popular boy scout movement or other physical based groups such as sports and martial arts.

I had fond memories, meaningful song lyrics, intimate friendships and bonds formed, and countless, precious spiritual experiences and life lessons learnt from the many training camps I joined. The youth leadership training camps became the basis of my foundation in education, and my lifelong passion in coaching, learning, knowledge, spirituality, inspiration, leadership, youth entrepreneurship, drama, songs, and writing.

In 1979, at the age of 20, I joined a religion in Melbourne when my eldest brother Tom introduced to me. I had a deep spiritual experience. I then practiced “Brahmacharya”, I became a celibate by choice at 20. Within 3 months I was fast-tracked to go on a pilgrimage to Mt. Abu, India. Every year for the next 10 years, I went on a pilgrimage to India.

Charity begins at home.

By May 1981, I had my first name change to “B.K. Robert”, when I founded Brahma Kumaris Malaysia together with my brother. Tom and I were the World’s first Chinese Brahma Kumaris teachers. I let go of the most important thing I treasured at that time which was my university studies in Melbourne, against my parents’ wishes, to begin my spiritual service in my home country – because charity begins at home.

Married to God.

I wore a gold BK wedding ring. I was married to God and I practiced Brahmacharya (celibacy) and renunciation that is giving up the world and leading a holy life and freedom from lust, pleasures, entertainment, craving and desires. I was a very strict vegetarian. I did not eat food cooked even by my Mum as anyone who was not a BK was not pure.

Brahma Kumaris was the strictest religion I ever joined. I woke up for 4am meditation, gave daily classes at 6am, and in the evenings. I wore a white Indian kurta pajama as my spiritual uniform outside work hours. I was a surrendered servant of God.

Yet I had a day time job as an Advertising Creative Copywriter at J Walter Thompson, and at nights and weekends, I taught meditation, Raja Yoga, and religious classes for free. I gave at least half of my income to the BKs. Ironically, I was literally like a celibate monk who worked in a sexy advertising agency environment!


“Who is the true master, strong in his faith – a recluse or a monk who abstains and removes all possible temptations,
or an ordinary working man who is surrounded daily by all vices and temptations?” ~ Robren


From BK teachings I thought that the world would end by 1986, therefore Brahma Kumaris is a doomsday cult, even though BKs is a well-recognized global NGO, with around 825,000 followers. I was a very senior, youth BK leader, equivalent to a youth bishop level in the upper echelons of BK, from 1979 to 1989. I was a “Teacher of Teachers”, as I inspired many to be BK teachers and leaders who spread BK teachings in many countries, and places.

In 1987 when I migrated to Hong Kong, I had my second name change to “Robert Chaen”. After studying numerology I created the best possible name to suit a Number One person (with birthpath of one) – by simply adding only 1 character “a”. It made a huge difference in my life. Two years later in 1989, I left BK after 10 years of religious service.

An ordinary marriage lead to a predestined “Spiritual Marriage”, which lead to a “Twin Soul Promise” at the death bed.

I married Brenda José, a Portuguese Hongkonger on 25th April 1996 in Hong Kong. This was a big milestone in my life. Little did I know this seemingly ordinary marriage would lead to a predestined “Spiritual Marriage”, and then lead to a “Twin Soul Promise” I made at Brenda’s death bed in Hong Kong.

My life completely changed on the day of the crossing over of my late wife, business partner, Brenda José at 5:23 pm on 23rd December 2013. In Brenda’s last 25 minutes of her life I made a Twin Soul Promise that I surrendered to God and to Angel Brenda that I would fulfil our Twin Soul Mission which I deciphered Angel Brenda’s Code for one year.

Starting in 2019 before the Covid-19 pandemic until now is my biggest and longest series of ongoing impossible coincidences, a general anesthesia surgery, epiphanies, serendipitous encounters, a very, very close call to catching Covid-19, and another “second chance in life”.

On the Sunday morning of 21st February 2021, I was woken by an electric outage in my condo. I sensed that day will be significant. I felt like Angel Brenda wanted to wake me up earlier.

Then I received the “Blank” Angel Card from my Angel Card Deck which I open every day. Receiving a blank Angel Card normally means a new chapter, at least 3 days of magical and miraculous happenings.

I had a super strong sense to officially change my name, my third name change to “Robren”.

The combined Twin Souls name first appeared as “Robrenda” around 2017, and later became “Robren” in 2018.

It seems like there was a name change around the time when I moved to another country.

I sense this time the next move will be the world stage…


Side note about Name Changes:
Religious founders and leader, kings and queens are known to change their name in alignment with their hero, their vision, principles and values

The 14th reincarnation of The 14th and current Dalai Lama is Tenzin Gyatso. This reincarnation tracing started in the 15th century.

The current Pope Francis changed his name from Jorge to Francis in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi when he became Pope.

Pope John Paul II changed his name from Karol Józef Wojtyła in tribute to his immediate predecessor, and also in honor of the late Pope Paul VI.

All through history, most Popes change their name when they become the Pope. Why?
The new Pope wants to align with a previous Pope, just like kings and queens change their name to their past revered


Next chapter…
Letting God be “The Lord of The Ring”: The Loss of My Wedding Ring is Symbolic of the Final Letting Go of My Ego, “The Ego of The Ring”, and Letting Go of Everything I have (Chapter 3)

Written by: Robren
Published: 22nd February 2021.
Updated: 24th February 2021.

Robert Chaen is now called Robren. “I rather be a Surrendered Host to God and the Angels, than to be a Hostage to my ego.”