(Chapter 1)

“I Am Robren.”
“I rather be a Surrendered Host to God and the Angels, than to be a Hostage to my ego.”
“In Brenda’s last 25 minutes of her life I made a Twin Soul Promise that I surrendered to God and to Angel Brenda that I would fulfill our Twin Soul Mission which I deciphered from Angel Brenda’s Code for one year.”

On 21st February 2021 (21.02.2021), Robert changes his name from Robert Chaen to Robren.
Starting in 2019 before the Covid-19 pandemic until now is Robert’s biggest and longest series of ongoing impossible coincidences, epiphanies and serendipitous encounters.

Since 23rd December 2013, on the day Brenda crossed over, Robert has played the role of Angel Whisperer.
Now in combined form, Angel Brenda speaks and communicates directly through the body of Robert – anytime.
This is the big change – from Angel Whisperer in 2013 to now in 2021 as Angel Host.
Robren is also a Channel and Writer for specific Angels and Ascended Masters.

The Tao teaches to LET GO of everything you have.
It has taken a 7-Year Odyssey for Robert to finally let go of his Ego, to be a Surrendered Host to God and the Angels. Letting go of the ego is one of the hardest spiritual challenges in life.

Surrendering everything you have. Some key issues are very hard to surrender such as bad habits, the 9 Weaknesses of Anger, Greed, Jealousy, Laziness, Gluttony, Addiction, Attachment, Lust, and Pride. But it is very, super hard to surrender one’s ego, to trust totally, to let go, let God. It is like flying without  wings, it needs great courage, faith in the unknown, faith in the unknown future, there is no destination, no roadmap, you just trust the process.


FAQ about Robren

Q. Who is Robren?
Robren is plural as Robren is the combined presence of the Twin Souls of Whisperer Robert and Angel Brenda.
Therefore most times the writing and article will say “we” instead of “I”. Unless the article is about Robert’s or Brenda’s past, then it would referred to specifically as such.
Robert and Brenda were a husband and wife team, co-coaches and business partners of ChangeU.
In Brenda’s last 25 minutes of her life on 23rd December 2013, Robert made a Twin Soul Promise that he surrendered to God and to Angel Brenda that he would fulfill their Twin Soul Mission which he deciphered from Angel Brenda’s Code for one year. He has written an e-book about receiving the proof from Afterlife Signs from Angel Brenda, and many insights into love, truth, light conquering darkness, big karmic debts, and mysteries and secrets of the God-Universe.

Robert and Brenda on their wedding day in 1996.

The combined Twin Souls name first appeared as Robrenda around 2017, and later became Robren in 2018.

The Key Purpose: Inspiring Higher Consciousness in life and business
Whisperings with Angels and Ascended Masters

Q. What are the Key Roles of Robren?
Surrendered Host, Whisperer, Channel, and Writer for Angel Brenda, and Liberty Trinity Angels of Love, Truth & Light.

Angel Whisperer for other Guardian Angels such as “Ancestor Guardian Angels” like Robert’s father and Robren’s Grannies, and to help people with their newly departed Guardian Angels which Robren has a “spiritual chemistry” with.

Bodhisattva: As a “Conferred Buddha’s Ears”, a bodhisattva aims to liberate sentient beings.

Spiritual Bridge: to inspire and connect corporate and business people with higher consciousness, spiritual wisdom, and spiritual entrepreneurship.


Q. Who are the Ascended Masters that Robren connects?
Lao Tzu, Christ, Kwan Yin, Buddha, Saint Francis of Assisi.

Recent Ascended Masters – Wayne Dyer.

Robren also studies from Living Masters: Eckhart Tolle.

Written: Robren
Published: 21st February 2021.
Updated: 5th March 2021


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A Twin Soul Promise to be The Surrendered Host to Angel Brenda and to God, Lead to The Significance of Name Changes