With deep sadness I share the news of the crossing-over of Geh Thuan Hooi (26th May 1956 – 12th February 2021), dies from post-Covid-19 heart failure on the first day of Chinese New Year, aged 64. His hometown was Penang, and he studied in St. Xavier’s Institution, Penang.

Geh was a Council Member of the Malaysian Institute of Human Resources Malaysia (MIHRM), and a well-known industry leader in Human Resources. He was the Head of HR in Mah Sing, Tan Chong Group, Sunway Holdings, Hong Leong Assurance, TA Securities, and Nortel. I knew Geh since he attended my “The 10 Qualities of Diamond Leadership” masterclass on 2nd March 2014.

I knew Geh to be a gentle soul, kind, humble, wise, calm in the face of adversity, with a quiet inner strength, well liked and popular among peers, subordinates, bosses, and students. Geh leaves a big legacy. He is greatly missed by many whose lives he had touched.

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On 11th January 2021, Geh posted his last Facebook post. One month later on 12th February 2021, Geh left us.

On 26th January 2021, I had a conversation with the Deputy President of MIHRM, Dr. Henry Yeoh, about the upcoming The 9 New Norms ESummit To Covid-19 Recovery & Digital Transformation. In that conversation Dr. Henry shared that he heard from Geh’s daughter that his father was admitted to ICU.

I was surprised about his sudden change from mild symptoms to being admitted to ICU, as in his last Facebook posting he shared he only had a bad cough and mild symptoms, and as such the Shah Alam Hospital advised him to home quarantine.

But that evening for some reasons it was one of my lowest moments in my life, having gone through huge ups and downs during the 2020 pandemic lockdown, 2020 and 2021 is one of my greatest, ongoing life-changing times of my life, with a series of epiphanies, realizations, psychic premonitions and serendipitous encounters. I knew I had to talk to someone, and I did, which made me feel a lot better. However, as an Angel Whisperer, I still sensed something was not okay.

Many people have a false sense of reality and security as they read that around 80% Covid-19 cases show mild symptoms or even no symptoms. 40% of Covid-19 carriers show no signs of symptoms, according to Rein Houben, an infectious diseases researcher at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine.

What many people don’t realize is from a very small percentage of Covid-19 cases, those who were admitted to ICU, 50% of Covid-19 ICU patients will likely die, according to Dr. Lee Chew Kiok of Sungei Buloh Hospital, Malaysia. The ratio is shockingly high, when Covid-19 cases suddenly turn from mild to life-threatening in ICU. The current global Covid-19 case-death ratio is 2.2%.

But it is much better to focus on the positive. Instead scaring and telling the Covid-19 ICU patients that 50% will likely die, doctors should tell their Covid-19 ICU patients that they have a very good 50% chance of living – this is called “The Placebo Effect”. If you think you will recover, you will recover (a third will show symptoms of recovery).

Placebo evil twin is ‘The Nocebo Effect”, if you think you’ll get worse and sicker, you will get worse and sicker (a third will show symptoms of deterioration). I coach this life-changing principle in my “High CQ-EQ (Change & Emotional Quotients) High Performance Teams” masterclass, with many case studies of The Placebo and Nocebo Effects.

NOTE: According to his family, he was tested negative days before his passing, but later his heart failed.

Life is short.

Recently, I was in close contact with a silent Covid-19 carrier whom I spent a whole day with. According to my brother Dr. Andrew, the chances were very high for me to catch Covid-19. I tested negative, it was a very close call. I really felt I was given a second chance in life. I am ready to die anytime, but I could have been a silent, Covid-19 super spreader infecting many others, including my 84 year old uncle at his wife’s funeral service, and the old folks in his old folks home. Be extra vigilant.

Chinese New Year and Christmas are reflective and meditative times for me since the crossing-over of both my father on the first day of Chinese New Year 2015 (a few minutes pass midnight, at 12:03 am on 19th February 2015), and the crossing-over of my late wife, Co-Coach, Twin Soul, my Guardian Angel Brenda 2 days before Christmas 2013 (at 5:23 pm on 23rd December 2013).

My biggest realization during this Covid-19 pandemic is to live from The Higher Consciousness, like a Lotus, unaffected by the mud and the dark side of the material world and people living in the lower consciousness.

Trust our Angels and the Higher Universe.
Trust our Angels will protect and guide us, as Angels need us to play our Higher Consciousness Roles, and connect and bridge people to live in The Higher Consciousness Universe, to cleanse Big Karmic Debts, and be free in liberty.

Go with the flow.
It’s meant to be.

Geh attending Robert’s “The 10 Qualities of Diamond Leadership” on 2nd March 2014.

Goodbye my friend, Thuan Hooi.
May your Soul rest in peace.
Show us an afterlife sign or a guardian angel sign if you may.

“The highest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude.”
~ Thornton Wilder

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is rainbow-sign.jpg
I asked for an Afterlife Sign. Could this be a Rainbow Afterlife Sign from Geh Thuan Hooi at 7:28pm on 12 February 2021? (sorry the photo was blur and it was pass sunset). There are many evidence of Rainbow Afterlife Signs seen on the day of someone’s death like over Prince’s Estate.

Robert Chaen is the Founder of The 9 New Norms To Covid-19 Recovery and Digital Transformation.

Published: 12th February 2021.
Updated: 17th May 2021.

The Wake & Funeral Service of The Late Geh Thuan Hooi at Nirvana Center (Shah Alam)


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