Quick, Easy Way to Sanitize your whole Home or Office for Covid-19 Precaution in 1-2 minutes. Common Areas Checklist to Sanitize. It can save lives.

The best product is Disinfectant Aerosol.
It’s better than the trigger spray type or alcohol swipe which needs more effort of wiping.

Warning: Do NOT spray on hands, skin or physical body.

Common Areas Checklist to Sanitize: ANYTHING YOU NORMALLY TOUCH
[ ] All door knobs and handles

[ ] Handphone
[ ] All remote controls
[ ] Laptop keyboard, mouse, TV screen, table tops

[ ] Sofa, armchair
[ ] Kitchen cabinet door handles
[ ] Kitchen stove knobs
[ ] Electric kettle handle
[ ] Any electrical devises handles like microwave, washing machine controls
Note: cooking pans and cup handles are better to wash.

[ ] Bathroom door, taps, toilet seats
[ ] Bedroom door handles, cabinet handles

Watch YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzyJliFxYkY

Written: Robert Chaen
Published: 14th January 2021.

Disinfectant Aerosol is quicker, easier than the Spray (and wipe) type below
Spray (and wipe) type

Quick, Easy Way & Checklist to Sanitize

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