It’s my priceless Gold Wedding Ring with Brenda José.

Description of ring: Gold ring with 20 tiny diamonds, with engraving ‘760″, small size, fits a pinky ring.

Possible places where it was lost:
[ ] Nirvana2 @Kuala Lumpur, Amber Room, toilet
[ ] Nirvana Memorial Park Shah Alam
[ ] Pavement path from Nirvana2 to Sungei Wang Plaza
[ ] In front of Berjaya Times Square
[ ] Sungei Wang Plaza

Lost: on 10th January 2021.

Reward given if returned.

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Published: 14th January 2021.


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My Gold Wedding Ring – LOST. Maybe in Nirvana2, Nirvana Memorial Park, B. Times Square, Sungei Wang Plaza. Reward.