Blue and Lead Pipes Cause BIG $$$ Leakages.

BLUE Piping is #1 Problem in Leakages & Damages to Property.

Big Damages due to burst in old blue piping
Kitchen appliances damage due to burst in old BLUE PIPING. This blue piping caused RM15,000 / US$3,750 damages in a high end property in Verticas Residensi, Bukit Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur. Water leakage damages by Blue Piping are common with high end condominiums like Marc Residents and Katana Residents.

Blue Piping is one of the most common piping found in many middle range and high end condominiums in Kuala Lumpur such as Verticas Residensi, Marc Residence, and Katana Residences, and in Malaysia in general.

Our surveys have shown that Blue piping can last a maximum of 6-7 years. After 6-7 years, blue piping will likely to burst usually near the water heater or joints, which will lead to very expensive water leakages and damages to ceiling, walls, cabinet, dangerously short-circuiting electrical wiring, and creating a damp environment for termites infestation.

Blue piping sample
Replace Blue Piping with Class 7 UPVC Pipes (sample)

Replace With Class 7 UPVC Pipes Before Disaster Strikes.

The Scoop on Termite Poop [Video] - Scientific American Blog Network
Damp environment and hidden leakages create TERMITE Infestations

Leakages Cause Termite Infestations.

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Written: Robert Chaen

Published: 3rd January 2021.

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