On the 7th Brenda José’s Memorial, for the first time Robert Chaen posted the screenshots of WhatsApp text messages on The LAST DAY of Brenda José on 23rd December 2013.

Helplessly watching his late wife Brenda die over 23 hours and 23 minutes was The First and Hardest Test out of 7 Tests of Faith as The Twin Soul of Angel Brenda.

This is the start of the last 25 minutes and telepathic conversation with Brenda – from 16:58 to 17:23 (the exact time of cross-over, there was a few minutes delay of to report the time of exact birth as Robert was in deep shock and had to double check with the nurse watching the EEG machine.
Brenda Jose’s last 3 words were: “I Drama Queen.”

These WhatsApp text messages were texted from Ruttonjee Hospital, Hong Kong to Robert’s team in Kuala Lumpur who posted on his Facebook account.

Robert Chaen’s actual posting in Facebook was seen by many on 23 December 2013 – in 3 separate FB postings: You can search in Facebook, type this: post of December 23, 2013 robert chaen
1. Click here       2. Click here   3. Click here    4. Click here   5. Click here   6. Click here   Brenda’s Last Facebook Banner: Twin Angels: 7. Click here

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Written: Robert Chaen

Published: 24th December 2020.

Text Messages from Brenda José’s Last Day

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