How to Cook Winter Solstice (“Dong Zhi”) Glutinous Rice Balls (“Tong Yuen”) by Robert Chaen

1. Buy any of the many brands of Glutinous Rice Ball “Tong Yuen”, choice of Sesame or Peanut filling.

2. Make Ginger Soup by boiling 10-15 slices of Old Ginger (not fresh ginger) and 5-7 pieces of Lump Sugar. Use more ginger for spicier taste, especially yummy during the cold winter.

3. Boil the Glutinous Rice Balls separately for 5-7 minutes, it will expand in nearly double in size.

4. Drain the water, poor the balls into a bowl and poor the Ginger Soup. Enjoy! It’s as simple as that.

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Written: Robert Chaen


Published: 21st December 2020 (Winter Solstice Day)