“The 8 New Norms To Covid-19 Recovery” Worldwide Initiative EConference plus Behind The Scenes Of ChangeU EAcademy Dream Team.

Well Done 8 New Norms Experts & ChangeU Dream Team! We are making a difference and helping our little world in a small way to Recover from Covid-19.

Like attendee Angeline Yee shared, we are grateful to help cost-effective organizations big and small to recover from Covid-19.

Our little voice is getting traction and being heard.
Quality inquiries and interest shown in the 2 8NN rounds.
We’ve laid a solid foundation EPlatform for us to follow up, build, and help organizations recover from Covid-19.

A BIG THANK you from the bottom of my heart.

8 New Norms was just a little crazy idea and my excuse at the time to involve some friends and new connections.

I guess 8 New Norms to Covid-19 Recovery is way, way bigger than all of us.

It’s been a deeply fulfilling, an honor and pleasure to be working… nay playing with all of you. When we are having so much fun, joy, meaning, and love doing what we love to do, we are up and running every morning.

Some deep value and principle compels us to crawl, run, fall, and fly beyond our limitations.

I only had half an hour nap this morning, but I am high on life, facing my many challenges both personal and professional quietly. We don’t know each other’s struggle, below our unconscious Iceberg, our psyche.

At the end of the day, we help each other, and together we are a positive Force, guided by our Angels.

Watch Facebook LIVE 8 New Norms Initiative EConference:

Read more about How to Recover from Covid-19: https://tinyurl.com/8NN-Website

– with Dr. Rich Bernstein (Mars Venus Coaching), Dr. Henry Yeoh, Coco Wong, Steve Chen, Michelle Teoh, Faris Hakim, and ChangeU Dream Team Elkie Foo Kai Shi, Eng Zihang, Nicholas Lim, Caroline Chong, Celiane Sow, and the Founder of The 8 New Norms, Robert Chaen.

Written: Robert Chaen, Group CEO of 8 New Norms, ChangeU EAcademy, BorneoHunter Talent Search, Movsha MasterMind, Purple Youth CSR.

Published: 8th December 2020.