A man once approached Socrates, the great Greek philosopher and asked how he could acquire wisdom.

Socrates then led the man down to the sea, from shallow waters and to the deeper end.

Suddenly, Socrates grabbed the man and dunked him under the water. The man struggled desperately and after what felt like eternity, Socrates pulled him up.

The man screamed, “Are you trying to kill me?!”

Socrates responded, “If that was my intention, I would not have pulled you up.”

“Then why did you do that?” the man demanded.

“When you want wisdom as badly as you desired air, then you shall have it,” Socrates replied.

This is definitely an extreme example but it does have an insight. There will be many times when we ask ourselves why we are not getting what we want in life.

For example, if I want to be a world champion, do I want it badly enough that I will make the necessary sacrifices for it? If I want a million dollars, am I willing to put in the work that is worthy of that value?

So if you’re not getting what you want, maybe it’s NOT something you really wanted in the first place. But if you really do want it, then you will need to prove that you do.

“It’s not meant to be, or it’s meant to be.”~ Angel Brenda

“When you want wisdom as badly as you desired air, then you shall have it.” ~ A Socrates Story

Published: 6th November 2020.

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