● It’s too easy and convenient to lump things you can’t explain as religion or god who can’t be explained.

● Just because a holy book says it’s true, it doesn’t mean it’s true. Similarly, just because another holy book says humans came from aliens or the Earth is flat, it doesn’t mean it’s true.
Any holy book or religious founder can claim everything he says is 100% true, but what is the basis?
Who says if one holy book claims that it is 100% true, then all other holy books are 100% false?

● Q. Could it be human beings created all the perfect gods and perfect heaven on Earth, from their creative imagination, and not God created the once perfect heaven on Earth, the Universe, and the first perfect human beings Adam & Eve but later everything became imperfect?

● Animals did not create gods, only human beings know how to create their gods. This is the Paradox of Human Beings Creating Gods.

Written: Robren


Neil deGrasse Tyson And Steve Harvey Debate Science Vs. Religion

Are science and religion inherently at odds with each other? Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and Steve debate the tough question.

The holy books from thousands of years ago are informing your understanding of the natural world in modern times, that could make conflict.

● For example for the longest while what used to be devil possession can be explained as epilepsy by modern science. We have medicines for it.

Where the big bang come from? I have no idea.
Why won’t you allow me to to ask you where did god come from?

● The Bible have an impressive list which nobody understood at that time about the natural world. We can look at the list today, we got this, we understand that, we are working our way on that list and other lists.

● God needs to be something deeper to you than what a statement in the Bible matches what science shows today.

● Anything is possible. I have risen from the dirt and to a place I never saw I could get to. And I have no scientific explanation for that, that’s all I saying.

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Published: 21st September 2020.