Top Talent JV Mastermind and Money & You Networking Groups are in the World’s Top 10 Best Networking Groups. Another is Movsha, the most happening Influencer Global Networking Group, a NEW format is coming out soon.

I’m in many networking groups but Top Talent JV and Money & You have the most high calibre individuals, Subject Matter Experts, with NO known, active scammers or con artists who may take advantage, take your money, and misuse you – from my assessment so far.

You can double check first if someone or business is in Robert’s Scam & Cult List 2020.

A most valuable, rewarding and fruitful time spent in 2 days with Fagan David, Isabel Donadio, Doria Cordova and their networks.

Movsha is a coined word for MOVers & SHAkers aka Influencers (pronounced as “more shah”).

Start by liking, esp. if you want to network with SCAM-FREE, Verified ASIANS (Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Koreans, Hongkongers, Arabs, from East Asia to West Asia, etc.), North Americans, Aussies & Europeans >>

Top Talent JV Mastermind and Money & You:
#RobertReview:  9 | 10

Photo credit: David Fagan, Isabel Donadio & Doria Cordova at the end of Day 2 of Top Talent JV Mastermind ASIA, the first Asian Chapter opened on 18th August, 2020.

Register for the upcoming ASIA Top Talent JV on Oct 6 & 7 Hong Kong/Malaysia/Australia dates, and Oct 5 & 6 USA Dates:

Written:  Robert Chaen

Published: 20th August 2020.