Many  cult victims get brainwashed, conned into giving their life savings, convinced that the world will end through a doomsday prediction by the cult founder, and at worst, the victims become increasingly isolated form their own families, marriage or couples fail, and victims live in the isolated world and “new true family” of the cult community.

The three biggest source of cults are from USA, India, and China.

Cults are everywhere, from small towns to big cities. Some cults are very famous, and have celebrity followers such as Scientology and Tom Cruise, Brahma Kumaris and Priyanka Chopra, and Bikram Choudhury and numerous celebrities.

Priyanka with Brahma Kumaris

Celebrities who practice Bikram Yoga | Bikram yoga inspiration ...

If you are a victim of a cult or know of a family or spouse of a cult member, take courage to report the cult to the local Police and local news dailies – in order to prevent others from being conned, brainwashed, and isolated.

6 Steps How to Protect Yourself as a CULT Whistleblower, Make a Police Report, and Connect with a News Editor:

Step 1: Gather as much evidence, website and social media pages, contact details of the founder and senior cult leaders.

Identify the unethical damages the cult makes e.g. marriage failures, cult isolation, doomsday fears and beliefs, brainwashing, weird beliefs, cult leaders’ excessive lifestyle (private jets, luxury cars, high end products), mind control, weird practices, rape, sexual harassment, excessive bullying, violence, punishment, apostate persecution, surrendering money and property, investments, etc.

Step 2: Study the modus operandi how the cult works.

Step 3: Identify the logical fallacies why people fall for this cult.
One of the most common logical fallacies is there are famous celebrities or public figures who unknowingly endorse such cult groups.

Step 4: Get as many victims to make a Police Report as an individual whistleblower.
When there are more victims making police reports they can’t ignore the cult.

Step 5: Make a Whistleblower Complaint to Registrar of Societies, Money Laundering, Security Commission, or the relevant authorities. Follow up closely.

Step 6: Connect with an relevant Business News Editor, show the Editor the Case Reference Number and Police Report. Give the Editor at least 3 families of cult victims who are willing to talk and whistleblow. Follow up closely.

NOTE: The news daily will protect your identity as long as they can record the interview session as evidence. If you are unwilling or too scared (you shouldn’t be) to be recorded, the journalist will not be able to write your case story.

Written by:
Robert Chaen is an Investigative Journalist on  cults, scams and ecommerce,. He is CEO of ChangeU, Biting Pen (Whistleblower EPlatform) and Robren Mega EMall.

Robert Chaen’s Biodata:

Published: 30th July 2020.


Matching Whistle-Blowers with Investigative Journalists

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● If you are a victim of big cult, and you are selected, Biting Pen EPlatform can hold a Press Conference and invite our Investigative Journalist Network to cover your scam story – after making a Police Report, and having a Lawyer present.


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